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The following events have been conducted by members of the Australian 100 Marathon Club in accordance with the club rules.

Please contact Bob Fickel to discuss the club requirements and to obtain endorsement for any new events prior to advertising or conducting the event.

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Club events:

Anton's Marathon (2 Mar 2014)

Anton's Marathon

Dolls Point, Sydney - 2 March 2014

Race Director: Bob Fickel

On Sunday 2 March 2014 the Australian 100 Marathon Club hosted Mr Anton Reiter from the 100 Marathon Club of Austria for a marathon whilst he was briefly in Australia.

Anton's Marathon was run on a measured 42.195km course alongside the shores of Botany Bay in Sydney's southern suburbs.

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Official Results

Photos by Aaron Gentle and Lawrence Markham

Photos from our friends at JORG Here and Here (Facebook Galleries)

2014 Anton's Marathon
2014 Anton's Marathon

Finisher's Certificates

1. Matt North (2:59:25)
2. John Peter (3:18:45)
3. Ruben Bergsma (3:24:44)
4. Michael Lough (3:26:16)
5. Ray James (3:37:01)
6. Montse Periera Requiera (3:37:15)
7. Alia Karaman (3:38:59)
8. Rick Patzold (3:47:19)
9. Glenn Lockwood (3:51:38)
10. Jeff Buxton (3:56:02)
11. Peter Trumper (3:57:32)
12. Kristy Lovegrove (3:58:08)
13. Colin Wiley (3:58:08)
14. Jane Trumper (4:01:11)
15. Roger Hanney (4:07:02)
16. Michael McGrath (4:08:03)
17. Anton Reiter (4:30:17)
18. Eduard Ernst (4:30:20)
19. Jeff Cosatto (4:35:19)
20. Jane Sturzaker (4:40:11)
21. Diego Castro Fendel (5:14:34)
22. Stephen Lewis (5:31:36)
23. Dusan Hora (5:45:31)

Other Distances

In addition to the marathon, a number of runners completed shorter distances on the day.

35km: Belinda Martin (2:30:00)

34km: Wayne Camenzuli

28km: Stuart Rennie (1:58:00) & Magda Poulos (2:00:30)

Half Marathon: Ludwig Herpich (2:28:00) & Dave Allen (2:35:44)

14km: Paul Ng (1:10:50), David Dunne (1:11:40) & Max Bogenhuber (1:33:00)

P.O. Box 744, Sutherland NSW 1499

Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;