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103-07-2016Gold Coast Airport Marathon4:36:04
207-08-2016Intraining Brisbane Marathon4:33:55
318-09-2016Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:24:31
422-10-2016The Lamington Classic Trail Run5:45:09
506-11-2016Great Barrier Reef Marathon5:01:16
628-12-2016Coastal Brave Series Day 14:41:00
729-12-2016Coastal Brave Series Day 25:04:27
830-12-2016Coastal Brave Series Day 35:43:17
931-12-2016Coastal Brave Series Day 45:34:00
1028-01-2017Australia Day Midnight Rambler Marathon (3pm)5:16:31
1119-03-2017Brimbank Park Urban Trail Marathon4:48:06
1226-03-2017Buffalo Stampede SkyMarathon7:36:46
1323-04-2017Braverunner Coastal Marathon 4-in-24 #1 12am5:07:40
1423-04-2017Braverunner Coastal Marathon 4-in-24 #2 6am6:15:10
1523-04-2017Braverunner Coastal Marathon 4-in-24 #4 6pm8:02:00
1628-05-2017Jacobs Creek Barossa Marathon Festival4:17:58
1704-06-2017Macedon Trail Run Marathon6:02:46
1820-07-2017Coastal 5 Day 44:22:35
1921-07-2017Coastal 5 Day 54:57:15
2022-07-2017Coastal 42 Day 17:58:20
2123-07-2017Coastal 42 Day 25:16:15
2206-08-2017York Coastal West 100 Marathon5:36:47
2312-08-2017HOOK Double Day 15:11:07
2413-08-2017HOOK Double Day 24:48:17
2527-08-2017The Tan Ultra Marathon4:38:45
2609-09-2017White Balloon Day Coastal Marathon #1 (Midnight)4:37:00
2709-09-2017White Balloon Day Coastal Marathon #2 (6am)6:01:38
2809-09-2017White Balloon Day Coastal Marathon #3 (1pm)6:36:48
2917-09-2017Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:06:29
3024-09-2017Brave Hart's Mill Coastal Marathon4:34:00
3130-09-2017Surf Coast Hell Run Marathon4:50:15
3208-10-2017Western Coastal Marathon #14:31:05
3308-10-2017Western Coastal Marathon #25:37:14
3415-10-2017Medibank Melbourne Marathon4:02:49
3516-10-2017Coastal 7-in-7 Day #15:10:15
3617-10-2017Coastal 7-in-7 Day #25:54:35
3718-10-2017Coastal 7-in-7 Day #35:17:40
3821-10-2017Coastal 7-in-7 Day #64:43:57
3922-10-2017Coastal 7-in-7 Day #74:51:15
4028-10-2017Halloween HOOK Double for Bravehearts #14:57:03
4129-10-2017Halloween HOOK Double for Bravehearts #24:54:07
4205-11-2017Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon4:25:22
4312-11-2017Marysville Marathon5:18:48
4419-11-2017Seaside Coastal Marathon #1 (Midnight)5:02:36
4519-11-2017Seaside Coastal Marathon #2 (7am)4:48:46
4626-11-2017Run For The Young Marathon4:14:08
4702-12-2017Coastal 10in10 Series #24:49:03
4803-12-2017Coastal 10in10 Series #35:01:17
4909-12-2017Coastal 10in10 Series #94:22:23
5010-12-2017Coastal 10in10 Series #104:47:16
5116-12-2017Port Loop Coastal Marathon4:21:21
5217-12-2017Port Loop Coastal Marathon4:52:55
5328-12-2017Coastal Brave Series #14:50:22
5429-12-2017Coastal Brave Series #24:41:06
5530-12-2017Coastal Brave Series #34:54:31
5631-12-2017Coastal Brave Series #44:32:17
5701-01-2018Harbour Coastal Marathon5:50:01
5826-01-2018Australia Day Coastal Series #14:37:50
5928-01-2018Australia Day Coastal Series #34:57:31
6025-02-2018Semaphore Coastal Marathon4:13:24
6111-03-2018Grange Coastal Marathon4:27:51
6225-03-2018Brimbank Park Marathon4:24:20
6330-03-2018Easter Coastal Bunny Run #14:13:07
6401-04-2018Easter Coastal Bunny Run #24:28:39
6502-04-2018Easter Coastal Bunny Run #34:47:10
6629-04-2018Maroondah Dam Trail Run Marathon6:10:37
6706-05-2018YP Coastal Marathon4:37:08
6820-05-2018Princes Park Urban Trail Marathon4:37:39
6927-05-2018Adelaide Marathon4:27:20
7003-06-2018Trails+ Macedon Trail Run Marathon6:37:57
7110-06-2018LeFevre Coastal Marathons (7am)5:49:30
7223-06-2018Beep Beep Roadrunner Coastal Marathon #14:42:12
7324-06-2018Beep Beep Roadrunner Coastal Marathon #24:43:46
7426-06-2018Bravehearts 777 Marathon4:30:31
7518-07-2018Coastal 5 Marathon Series Day 14:50:41
7619-07-2018Coastal 5 Marathon Series Day 25:00:09
7720-07-2018Coastal 5 Marathon Series Day 35:14:39
7821-07-2018Coastal 5 Marathon Series Day 44:52:23
7922-07-2018Coastal 5 Marathon Series Day 55:01:06
8005-08-2018Yorke Coastal West Marathon5:46:40
8119-08-2018Barossa Marathon4:26:26
8202-09-2018Spring Coastal Marathon4:25:58
8307-09-2018White Balloon Day Coastal Marathon #2 (6am)5:39:08
8416-09-2018Coastal 4 Cancer Marathon5:04:10
8522-09-2018Brave Hart's Mill Coastal Marathon4:27:54
8606-10-2018Operation Flinders Challenge Marathon6:14:39
8707-10-2018Western Coastal Marathon5:56:50
8820-10-2018Alanis 12 Coastal Series Day 6 / Barossa Brave6:09:23
8927-10-2018Halloween Howler Marathon4:26:05
9028-10-2018Ned Kelly Chase Marathon4:59:15
9131-12-2018New Years Eve Rock Around The Clock Marathon6:22:27
9202-02-2019Beerwah @ Night Marathon6:53:51
9324-02-2019Wangaratta Marathon4:40:11
9424-03-2019Trails+ Brimbank Park Urban Trail Run Marathon4:46:16
9513-04-2019Coburg 24 Hour Carnival Marathon5:04:19


102-04-2017TrailsPlus Princes Park Running Festival 50km (50 km)5:54:20
226-01-2019South Australian 100km Track Championship (100 km)13:41:57

Half Marathons

101-10-2006Firefly Half MarathonUnknown
228-02-2016Semaphore Coastal Half Marathon1:39:50
317-07-2016Peninsula Private Hospital Half Marathon2:12:15
431-07-2016The City of Ipswich Half Marathon2:18:38
514-08-2016Kokoda Classic Half Marathon2:14:05
624-09-2016Twilight Bay Run Half Marathon2:08:22
718-06-2017Sri Chinmoy Albert Park Half Marathon1:59:30


108-07-2017Darebin parkrun #21 (5 km)26:16
211-11-2017Albert parkrun #311 (5 km)24:16
317-03-2018West Beach parkrun #92 (5 km)25:07
402-06-2018West Beach parkrun #103 (5 km)28:12
524-11-2018Torrens parkrun #314 (5 km)27:01
612-01-2019West Beach parkrun #136 (5 km)27:55


102-10-2016Triathlon Pink Ultra (600m, 16km, 6km)1:44:57

Other Events

112-02-2005Tsu City Marathon (10 km)Unknown
222-02-2016SARRC Dolphin Run (10 km)1:10:00
328-08-2016Bridge to Brisbane (10 km)53:14
423-10-2016Lamington Classic Trail Run (21.3 km)3:00:00
513-11-2016Eureka Tower Climb (1642 Steps)15:26
601-02-2017Run At The Zoo Twilight Series (8 km)44:37
727-01-2018Australia Day Coastal Series #2 (42.195km)4:53:30
810-06-2018LeFevre Coastal Marathons (Midnight) (42.195km)5:03:40
926-08-2018Coffee Coastal Marathon (42.195km)4:59:15
1007-09-2018White Balloon Day Coastal Marathon #1 (Midnight) (42.195km)5:10:16
1107-09-2018White Balloon Day Coastal Marathon #3 (1pm) (42.195km)5:49:38
1215-10-2018Alanis 12 Coastal Series Day 1 (42.195km)5:09:29
1316-10-2018Alanis 12 Coastal Series Day 2 (42.195km)5:24:31
1417-10-2018Alanis 12 Coastal Series Day 3 (42.195km)5:38:50
1518-10-2018Alanis 12 Coastal Series Day 4 (42.195km)5:18:07
1619-10-2018Alanis 12 Coastal Series Day 5 (42.195km)5:51:20
1722-10-2018Alanis 12 Coastal Series Day 8 (42.195km)5:01:14
1802-12-2018GoodRunnings GoGlenelg (42.195km)5:20:35
1923-12-2018GoodRunnings Christmas In Barossa (42.195km)5:22:29
2011-03-2019GoodRunnings Super Glenelg Marathon (42.195km)6:09:50

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 10 starters; and
6. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;