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123-06-1962NSW State Marathon3:03:46
219-06-1963NSW State Marathon2:46:21
320-06-1964NSW State Marathon2:47:29
418-07-1964Australian Marathon Championship2:41:52
520-06-1965NSW State Marathon2:37:14
602-10-1965Victorian Marathon Championship2:44:17
702-07-1966NSW Country Marathon2:33:25
818-10-1966Tasmanian Marathon Championship2:46:44
915-07-1967NSW Country Marathon2:33:16
1012-08-1967NSW State Marathon2:38:15
1109-09-1967Australian Marathon Championship2:51:17
1215-06-1969NSW Country Marathon2:41:51
1309-08-1969NSW State Marathon2:36:38
1411-10-1969Australian Marathon Championship2:38:23
1522-08-1970NSW State Marathon2:40:44
1626-09-1970Australian Marathon Championship2:39:42
1720-05-1972NSW Country Marathon2:36:11
1812-08-1972NSW Marathon Championship2:44:18
1923-06-1973NSW Veterans Marathon2:34:15
2014-07-1973NSW Marathon Championship2:26:53
2108-09-1973Australian Championship Marathon2:36:45
2225-05-1974Newcastle Marathon2:36:20
2313-07-1974NSW Championship Marathon2:41:04
2414-09-1974Australian Marathon Championship2:33:33
2528-06-1975NSW State Marathon2:33:51
2609-08-1975Australian Championship Marathon2:36:59
2704-06-1977NSW Veterans Marathon2:34:59
2825-06-1977NSW State Marathon2:36:49
2906-08-1977Australian Championship Marathon2:32:55
3002-12-1977Pre-Pacific Conference Games Marathon2:39:57
3102-07-1978NSW Veterans Marathon2:34:01
3205-11-1978Big M Melbourne Marathon2:32:24
3306-05-1979Whyalla Marathon2:36:48
3407-07-1979NSW Veterans Marathon2:32:22
3521-10-1979Big M Melbourne Marathon2:51:35
3604-05-1980Whyalla Marathon2:42:54
3706-07-1980NSW Veterans Marathon2:43:35
3812-10-1980Big M Melbourne Marathon2:38:36
3905-07-1981NSW Veterans Marathon2:42:00
4018-10-1981Big M Melbourne Marathon2:32:37
4104-07-1982NSW Veterans Marathon2:39:45
4217-10-1982Big M Melbourne Marathon2:33:59
4328-09-1994NSW Championship Marathon3:00:08

Other Events

113-08-1978City 2 Surf (14 km)47:14

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;