Dennis Cunniffe

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  Mount Gravatt, QLD




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100th Marathon:
Canberra Marathon - 19 Apr 1998


125-04-1985Sun ANZAC Day Marathon3:58:32
209-06-1985Wang Australian Marathon3:27:16
318-08-1985Ikea Cities Marathon4:07:08
413-10-1985Big M Melbourne Marathon4:07:53
503-05-1987Medibank Private Bunbury Marathon3:36:57
619-07-1987Festival City Marathon3:32:56
709-08-1987Perth Peoples Marathon3:27:52
811-10-1987Budget Melbourne Marathon3:49:44
907-08-1988Perth Peoples Marathon3:31:20
1009-04-1989Nike Canberra Marathon3:38:02
1111-06-1989Sunny Queen International Marathon3:17:49
1202-07-1989Combination Marathon3:40:25
1323-07-1989Gold Coast International Marathon3:32:36
1420-08-1989Alice Springs Marathon3:31:56
1508-10-1989Budget Melbourne Marathon (Inc. Victorian Championship)4:00:47
1608-04-1990ACT Academy of Sport Canberra Marathon3:34:31
1710-06-1990Irvings Kempsey Marathon3:21:52
1801-07-1990Combination Marathon3:33:25
1922-07-1990JAL Gold Coast Marathon3:37:21
2019-08-1990Qantas Cities Marathon3:25:40
2114-10-1990Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:32:54
2214-04-1991Mobil Canberra Marathon3:21:50
2302-06-1991Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:23:59
2409-06-1991Irvings Kempsey Marathon3:30:22
2507-07-1991Combination Marathon3:22:49
2621-07-1991JAL Gold Coast Marathon3:32:21
2718-08-1991McDonnell Douglas Cities Marathon3:35:17
2829-09-1991NSW Championship Marathon3:35:51
2912-04-1992Mobil Canberra Marathon3:25:04
3031-05-1992Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:30:25
3119-07-1992JAL Gold Coast Marathon3:34:49
3223-08-1992McDonnell Douglas Cities Marathon3:33:38
3313-09-1992Combination Marathon3:34:41
3404-10-1992Victorian Peoples Marathon4:03:36
3518-04-1993Mobil Canberra Marathon3:19:42
3606-06-1993Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:17:35
3712-06-1993Telecom Bathurst Marathon3:39:39
3818-07-1993JAL Gold Coast Marathon3:32:03
3922-08-1993MDIS Cities Marathon3:30:24
4029-08-1993Newcastle Marathon3:35:07
4103-10-1993Victorian People's Marathon3:37:35
4210-10-1993Man From Snowy River Marathon3:52:30
4328-11-1993South Melbourne Marathon3:31:30
4405-12-1993Chase Carnival Marathon3:50:36
4510-04-1994Mobil Canberra Marathon3:40:03
4630-04-1994Fletcher Challenge Marathon4:08:25
4705-06-1994Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:47:54
4812-06-1994Kempsey Marathon3:32:27
4917-07-1994JAL Gold Coast Marathon3:46:25
5028-08-1994Sydney Marathon3:59:04
5109-10-1994Man From Snowy River Marathon4:01:00
5204-12-1994Chase Carnival Marathon4:22:10
5309-04-1995Mobil Canberra Marathon3:54:14
5425-04-1995Fletchers Track Marathon4:07:46
5506-05-1995Telecom Bathurst Marathon3:52:52
5620-05-1995Mt Beauty Marathon3:50:50
5704-06-1995Vic Health Melbourne Marathon3:41:49
5811-06-1995Kempsey Marathon3:40:24
5925-06-1995Cities Marathon3:42:40
6016-07-1995JAL Gold Coast Marathon3:34:53
6106-08-1995GIO Adelaide Marathon3:39:16
6220-08-1995Olympic Way Marathon3:54:50
6327-08-1995Sydney Marathon4:08:04
6408-10-1995Man From Snowy River Marathon4:03:02
6522-10-1995BMW Auckland Marathon3:36:26
6603-12-1995Ballarat Marathon3:51:13
6714-01-1996Cadbury Marathon4:17:07
6814-04-1996Mobil Canberra Marathon3:44:35
6925-04-1996Fletchers Track Marathon3:55:38
7004-05-1996Skilled Engineering Bathurst Marathon3:59:05
7118-05-1996Mt Beauty Marathon3:47:59
7202-06-1996Powerade Brisbane Marathon3:58:55
7309-06-1996Kempsey Marathon3:40:27
7430-06-1996Cities Marathon3:46:23
7507-07-1996Traralgon Marathon4:01:31
7621-07-1996JAL Gold Coast Marathon (Inc. Australian Championship)4:11:09
7704-08-1996GIO Adelaide Marathon3:57:01
7818-08-1996Sydney Marathon3:50:41
7925-08-1996Noosa Marathon4:11:50
8013-10-1996Man From Snowy River Marathon3:51:46
8120-10-1996Vic Health Melbourne Marathon3:53:25
8227-10-1996BMW Auckland Marathon3:46:11
8303-11-1996Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon4:07:03
8419-01-1997Wellington Marathon4:43:12
8513-04-1997New Balance Canberra Marathon3:52:44
8603-05-1997Skilled Bathurst Marathon4:26:48
8725-05-1997Powerade Brisbane Marathon4:21:27
8808-06-1997Kempsey Marathon3:52:35
8921-06-1997Fiji Island Marathon4:27:13
9029-06-1997Cities Marathon4:03:50
9111-07-1997JAL Gold Coast Marathon3:59:44
9227-07-1997Perth Marathon3:48:41
9317-08-1997Junee to Wagga Marathon4:00:43
9431-08-1997Bartercard Noosa Marathon3:57:35
9505-10-1997Active For Life Melbourne Marathon3:55:38
9612-10-1997Man From Snowy River Marathon4:17:12
9719-10-1997Toowoomba Chronicle Marathon4:01:13
9826-10-1997BMW Auckland Marathon3:58:05
9911-01-1998Cadbury Glass & A Half Marathon4:13:19
10019-04-1998New Balance Canberra Marathon3:45:58
10103-05-1998Bathurst Marathon4:03:12
10206-06-1998Kempsey Marathon3:45:36
10312-07-1998JAL Gold Coast Marathon (Inc. Australian Championship)3:55:22
10426-07-1998Cities Marathon3:52:26
10516-08-1998Junee to Wagga Marathon3:52:04
10606-09-1998Sunday Telegraph Sydney Marathon4:03:45
10704-10-1998Sri Chinmoy Marathon4:15:34
10810-10-1998City Of Melbourne Marathon4:11:32
10901-11-1998Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon4:07:30
11010-10-1999Active For Life Melbourne Marathon4:51:23
11101-01-2000First to the Future Millenium Marathon4:10:45
11230-04-2000Host City Marathon4:28:42
11311-06-2000Kempsey Marathon4:19:14
11430-07-2000Cities Marathon4:35:18
11508-10-2000Asics Melbourne Marathon4:40:57


123-03-1991Six Foot Track Marathon (46.6 km)5:19:05
221-03-1992Six Foot Track Marathon (46.6 km)5:16:04
324-04-1993Brisbane Waters Bush Bash (47.2 km)4:49:47
423-10-1993Royal National Park Ultra (56 km)6:03:16
514-11-1993Brindabella Classic (53.8 km)5:45:57
605-03-1994Six Foot Track Marathon (46.6 km)5:48:48
713-11-1994Brindabella Classic (53.8 km)5:55:51
804-03-1995Six Foot Track Marathon (46.6 km)5:22:11
912-11-1995Brindabella Classic (53.8 km)5:39:09
1002-03-1996Six Foot Track Marathon (46.6 km)6:08:35
1101-03-1997Six Foot Track Marathon (46.6 km)6:23:52
1213-09-1997Royal National Park Ultra (50 km)5:46:48
1307-03-1998Six Foot Track Marathon (46.6 km)6:11:19
1406-03-1999Six Foot Track Marathon (46.6 km)6:51:47
1504-03-2000Six Foot Track Marathon (46.6 km)6:48:51

Other Events

116-07-2000City 2 Surf (14 km)1:27:15

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;