John Kaparelis

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100th Marathon:
Canberra Marathon - 15 Apr 2018


109-10-1988Budget Bicentennial Melbourne Marathon3:59:54
220-11-1988South Melbourne Marathon3:34:41
308-10-1989Budget Melbourne Marathon (Inc. Victorian Championship)3:56:15
414-10-1990Qantas Melbourne Marathon4:27:18
502-06-1991Qantas Melbourne Marathon4:30:15
631-05-1992Qantas Melbourne Marathon4:19:28
706-06-1993Qantas Melbourne Marathon4:31:40
805-06-1994Qantas Melbourne Marathon4:25:25
904-06-1995Vic Health Melbourne Marathon4:51:17
1020-10-1996Vic Health Melbourne Marathon4:39:02
1105-10-1997Active For Life Melbourne Marathon4:57:13
1210-10-1998City Of Melbourne Marathon4:56:11
1310-10-1999Active For Life Melbourne Marathon5:22:30
1408-10-2000Asics Melbourne Marathon4:51:49
1514-10-2001Asics Melbourne Marathon4:26:14
1613-10-2002Asics Melbourne Marathon5:10:39
1712-10-2003Asics Melbourne Marathon5:19:37
1810-10-2004Asics Melbourne Marathon5:44:14
1909-10-2005Asics Melbourne Marathon4:57:08
2008-10-2006Samsung Melbourne Marathon5:10:20
2107-10-2007Samsung Melbourne Marathon4:45:26
2212-10-2008Samsung Melbourne Marathon5:04:03
2311-10-2009St George Melbourne Marathon5:12:41
2410-10-2010St George Melbourne Marathon4:58:20
2509-10-2011Bank Of Melbourne Marathon4:27:07
2614-10-2012Medibank Melbourne Marathon4:43:06
2728-07-2013Sri Chinmoy Princes Park Marathon4:33:50
2818-08-2013Sandy Point Marathon4:27:28
2925-08-2013Shepparton News Marathon4:30:05
3022-09-2013Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:28:09
3113-10-2013Medibank Melbourne Marathon4:08:46
3203-11-2013Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon4:15:54
3317-11-2013Marysville Marathon5:12:17
3413-04-2014Canberra Times Marathon4:35:14
3527-04-2014Brimbank Park Marathon4:51:36
3615-06-2014WIN Network Traralgon Marathon4:18:11
3706-07-2014Gold Coast Airport Marathon4:29:47
3820-07-2014Sri Chinmoy Princes Park Running Festival4:36:53
3924-08-2014Adelaide Running Festival Marathon4:30:55
4031-08-2014Shepparton News Marathon4:34:47
4121-09-2014Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:46:11
4212-10-2014Medibank Melbourne Marathon4:44:44
4302-11-2014ASB Auckland Marathon4:46:47
4409-11-2014Marysville Marathon6:29:07
4529-11-2014Run For The Young Marathon5:52:00
4611-01-2015Cadbury Marathon4:30:49
4708-02-2015Carlton Classic Marathon4:50:01
4822-02-2015Wangaratta Marathon5:19:09
4912-04-2015Canberra Marathon4:43:33
5014-06-2015Perth Marathon4:28:25
5105-07-2015Gold Coast Airport Marathon4:28:15
5220-09-2015Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:47:59
5318-10-2015Medibank Melbourne Marathon4:29:45
5401-11-2015ASB Auckland Marathon4:42:49
5528-11-2015Run For The Young Marathon4:59:54
5628-02-2016Wangaratta Marathon5:08:29
5713-03-2016Brimbank Park Marathon5:07:01
5810-04-2016Canberra Times Marathon4:50:26
5903-07-2016Gold Coast Airport Marathon4:42:13
6018-09-2016Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:49:20
6116-10-2016Medibank Melbourne Marathon4:51:27
6230-10-2016ASB Auckland Marathon4:44:07
6319-03-2017Brimbank Park Urban Trail Marathon6:32:08
6402-04-2017TrailsPlus Princes Park Running Festival Marathon5:03:57
6509-04-2017Australian Running Festival Marathon4:50:22
6623-04-2017Braverunner Coastal Marathon 4-in-24 #1 12am5:29:11
6723-04-2017Braverunner Coastal Marathon 4-in-24 #2 6am6:58:37
6804-06-2017ASB Christchurch Marathon5:12:19
6929-06-2017Bravehearts 777 Day 45:38:00
7017-07-2017Coastal 5 Day 16:03:23
7118-07-2017Coastal 5 Day 26:09:12
7219-07-2017Coastal 5 Day 36:25:32
7320-07-2017Coastal 5 Day 46:33:41
7421-07-2017Coastal 5 Day 56:54:03
7523-07-2017Sri Chinmoy Princes Park Marathon6:01:07
7630-07-2017Westlink M7 Blacktown Running Festival Marathon5:32:44
7720-08-2017Alice Springs Running Festival Marathon5:22:34
7827-08-2017Chevron City to Surf Marathon5:03:49
7909-09-2017White Balloon Day Coastal Marathon #1 (Midnight)5:37:00
8009-09-2017White Balloon Day Coastal Marathon #2 (6am)9:46:15
8117-09-2017Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon5:18:11
8208-10-2017Western Coastal Marathon #15:55:12
8308-10-2017Western Coastal Marathon #28:15:33
8415-10-2017Medibank Melbourne Marathon5:15:38
8516-10-2017Coastal 7-in-7 Day #16:31:46
8617-10-2017Coastal 7-in-7 Day #26:50:20
8718-10-2017Coastal 7-in-7 Day #36:47:48
8819-10-2017Coastal 7-in-7 Day #46:46:25
8920-10-2017Coastal 7-in-7 Day #56:06:40
9021-10-2017Coastal 7-in-7 Day #66:08:00
9122-10-2017Coastal 7-in-7 Day #76:16:30
9219-11-2017Seaside Coastal Marathon #1 (Midnight)4:58:35
9319-11-2017Seaside Coastal Marathon #2 (7am)6:11:37
9426-11-2017Run For The Young Marathon5:06:04
9506-12-2017Coastal 10in10 Series #65:26:18
9607-12-2017Coastal 10in10 Series #75:13:20
9708-12-2017Coastal 10in10 Series #85:07:12
9809-12-2017Coastal 10in10 Series #94:56:20
9910-12-2017Coastal 10in10 Series #104:38:44
10015-04-2018Australian Running Festival Marathon5:29:41
10120-05-2018Princes Park Urban Trail Marathon5:17:14
10224-06-2018Tan Ultra Marathon4:59:43
10318-07-2018Coastal 5 Marathon Series Day 15:03:55
10419-07-2018Coastal 5 Marathon Series Day 26:20:37
10520-07-2018Coastal 5 Marathon Series Day 35:40:43
10621-07-2018Coastal 5 Marathon Series Day 45:12:55
10722-07-2018Coastal 5 Marathon Series Day 54:59:39
10816-09-2018Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon5:24:14
10914-10-2018Medibank Melbourne Marathon4:40:57
11024-02-2019Wangaratta Marathon4:37:18
11124-03-2019Trails+ Brimbank Park Urban Trail Run Marathon5:05:11
11214-04-2019Australian Running Festival Canberra Marathon5:58:47


128-08-1988Coburg Harriers 100km Track Race (100 km)10:27:47
225-02-1989Victorian 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)179.268 km


104-11-2017Albert parkrun #310 (5 km)27:06
211-11-2017Albert parkrun #311 (5 km)26:40
316-12-2017Albert parkrun #316 (5 km)24:29
430-12-2017Albert parkrun #319 (5 km)23:36
506-01-2018Albert parkrun #320 (5 km)24:07
613-01-2018Albert parkrun #321 (5 km)23:25
720-01-2018Albert parkrun #322 (5 km)23:56
826-05-2018Brimbank parkrun #41 (5 km)26:58
902-06-2018Brimbank parkrun #42 (5 km)26:01
1009-06-2018Brimbank parkrun #43 (5 km)26:09
1116-06-2018Brimbank parkrun #44 (5 km)26:51
1223-06-2018Brimbank parkrun #45 (5 km)25:48
1330-06-2018Brimbank parkrun #46 (5 km)26:27
1407-07-2018Brimbank parkrun #47 (5 km)26:41
1514-07-2018Brimbank parkrun #48 (5 km)25:10
1604-08-2018Brimbank parkrun #51 (5 km)26:30
1711-08-2018Brimbank parkrun #52 (5 km)25:08
1818-08-2018Brimbank parkrun #53 (5 km)26:46
1908-09-2018Brimbank parkrun #56 (5 km)32:18
2022-09-2018Brimbank parkrun #58 (5 km)26:33
2129-09-2018Brimbank parkrun #59 (5 km)26:18
2206-10-2018Brimbank parkrun #60 (5 km)26:01
2313-10-2018Brimbank parkrun #61 (5 km)26:08
2420-10-2018Brimbank parkrun #62 (5 km)26:18
2527-10-2018Brimbank parkrun #63 (5 km)26:01
2603-11-2018Brimbank parkrun #64 (5 km)25:56
2710-11-2018Brimbank parkrun #65 (5 km)26:06
2817-11-2018Brimbank parkrun #66 (5 km)26:13
2924-11-2018Brimbank parkrun #67 (5 km)25:25
3008-12-2018Brimbank parkrun #69 (5 km)27:38
3122-12-2018Brimbank parkrun #71 (5 km)28:13
3225-12-2018Albert parkrun #370 (5 km)25:11
3305-01-2019Maribyrnong parkrun #231 (5 km)31:51
3419-01-2019Brimbank parkrun #75 (5 km)26:24
3526-01-2019Brimbank parkrun #76 (5 km)27:24
3602-02-2019Brimbank parkrun #77 (5 km)26:27
3709-02-2019Brimbank parkrun #78 (5 km)25:52
3816-02-2019Brimbank parkrun #79 (5 km)26:06
3923-02-2019Brimbank parkrun #80 (5 km)25:58
4002-03-2019Brimbank parkrun #81 (5 km)26:44
4109-03-2019Brimbank parkrun #82 (5 km)25:56
4216-03-2019Brimbank parkrun #83 (5 km)25:34
4323-03-2019Brimbank parkrun #84 (5 km)26:20
4430-03-2019Brimbank parkrun #85 (5 km)25:13
4506-04-2019Brimbank parkrun #86 (5 km)24:49
4620-04-2019Brimbank parkrun #88 (5 km)24:51
4727-04-2019Brimbank parkrun #89 (5 km)23:57
4818-05-2019Brimbank parkrun #92 (5 km)52:27
4925-05-2019Brimbank parkrun #93 (5 km)25:28
5001-06-2019Brimbank parkrun #94 (5 km)24:00
5108-06-2019Brimbank parkrun #95 (5 km)24:43

Other Events

127-07-2008Olympic Dream Fun Run (10 km)1:13:39
222-11-2009Olympic Dream Fun Run (10 km)57:40

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;