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  Jakarta, Indonesia





127-10-2013Mandiri Jakarta Marathon5:33:19
201-12-2013Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon5:56:17
316-02-2014Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon5:15:16
404-05-2014Borneo International Marathon5:57:15
531-05-2014OSIM Sundown Marathon6:50:49
617-08-2014Kuching Marathon5:54:38
731-08-2014Da Nang International Marathon5:58:13
807-09-2014Bumiputera Bromo Marathon5:46:05
914-09-2014Maybank Bali Marathon5:40:15
1005-10-2014LSR Colombo International Marathon6:33:03
1111-10-2014Putrajaya Night Marathon6:05:38
1226-10-2014Mandiri Jakarta Marathon6:24:58
1316-11-2014BSB International Marathon6:28:57
1407-12-2014Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon6:20:54
1521-12-2014Muang Thai Chaing Mai Marathon5:07:35
1611-01-2015Yoma Yangon International Marathon5:31:44
1718-01-2015Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon5:49:09
1825-01-2015Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon5:51:42
1901-02-2015Condura Skyway Marathon5:57:52
2008-02-2015Standard Chartered Taipei Marathon5:47:13
2122-02-2015Tokyo Marathon6:22:26
2222-03-2015Sarawak Marathon5:53:43
2312-04-2015Maraton de Santiago5:59:33
2403-05-2015Borneo International Marathon6:24:34
2516-05-2015The Great Wall Marathon7:55:01
2607-06-2015Laguna Phuket International Marathon6:30:24
2705-07-2015Gold Coast Airport Marathon5:21:14
2809-08-2015Angkor Empire Marathon5:57:16
2916-08-2015Kuching Marathon5:41:19
3030-08-2015BII Maybank Bali Marathon5:27:49
3113-09-2015Pasuruan Bromo Marathon7:47:12
3227-09-2015BMW Berlin Marathon4:56:07
3304-10-2015Colombo Marathon6:42:40
3409-10-2015Samsung Amman Marathon5:37:04
3525-10-2015Laguna Lang Co Marathon6:03:17
3615-11-2015Vodafone Istanbul Marathon5:31:40
3722-11-2015Asics Penang Bridge International Marathon5:49:26
3806-12-2015Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon6:26:49
3920-12-2015Melaka River International Marathon5:27:28
4022-01-2016Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon5:08:16
4115-04-2016Coca Cola Long Run6:17:34
4224-04-2016Jungle Book Marathon Ujung Kulon6:53:00
4301-05-2016Borneo International Marathon6:19:55
4429-05-2016OSIM Sundown Marathon5:52:46
4508-07-2016Tailwind Nutrition 3-in-3-Days #17:56:22
4609-07-2016Tailwind Nutrition 3-in-3-Days #28:04:35
4710-07-2016Tailwind Nutrition 3-in-3-Days #36:49:15
4807-08-2016Standard Chartered KL Marathon5:33:27
4913-08-2016Toraja Marathon5:46:48
5028-08-2016Maybank Bali Marathon5:39:18
5104-09-2016Pasuruan Bromo Marathon7:12:28
5225-09-2016Palu Nomini International Marathon5:44:57
5323-10-2016Mandiri Jakarta Marathon5:49:01
5420-11-2016Borobudur International Marathon6:23:19
5504-12-2016Lombok Marathon5:42:51
5611-12-2016Barelang Bridge Marathon5:40:45
5715-01-2017Ho Chi Minh City Marathon6:10:29
5822-01-2017Tahura Trail Run9:21:45
5912-02-2017Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon5:47:40
6012-03-2017Run Out Pahang International Marathon5:42:46
6126-03-2017OSIM Sundown Marathon6:39:08
6223-04-2017Mandiri Jogja Marathon5:39:20
6330-04-2017BRI Mekaki Marathon6:00:44
6407-05-2017Borneo International Marathon6:19:03
6530-07-2017Pocari Sweat Marathon5:23:10
6605-08-2017Tondano Lake Marathon5:24:07
6713-08-2017Kuching Marathon5:54:29
6827-08-2017Maybank Bali Marathon5:16:45
6908-10-2017Bank Of America Chicago Marathon6:00:12
7029-10-2017Mandiri Jakarta Marathon5:57:21
7112-11-2017Jawa Pos Fit East Java Marathon6:18:27
7219-11-2017Bank Jateng Borobudur Marathon5:46:48
7326-11-2017Osaka Marathon5:48:46
7410-12-2017Klang City International Marathon6:42:36
7524-12-2017Muang Thai Chiang Mai Marathon5:36:27
7621-01-2018Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon5:32:01
7704-02-2018Amazing Thailand Bangkok Marathon6:19:26
7804-03-2018Taiping International Flag Run6:12:46
7915-04-2018Central Celebes Marathon5:57:32
8006-05-2018Unicef Borneo Marathon6:39:33
8101-07-2018Gold Coast Marathon6:22:21
8215-07-2018Bukopin Makassar Marathon5:55:06
8322-07-2018Pocari Sweat Bandung Marathon5:42:50
8412-08-2018Surabaya Marathon5:47:48
8509-09-2018Maybank Bali Marathon6:24:28
8623-09-2018Pasuruan Bromo Marathon7:44:46
8728-10-2018Electric Jakarta Marathon6:23:14
8804-11-2018TNI International Marathon6:50:09
8918-11-2018Borobudur Marathon6:48:08
9025-11-2018Penang Bridge International Marathon6:46:25
9102-12-2018Barelang Bridge Marathon6:42:38
9209-12-2018Super Ball Run6:16:46


120-09-2015Samosir Lake Toba Ultra (47 km)6:51:32
209-04-2016Komando Run (64 km)9:20:03
308-05-2016Merapi-Sleman Ultra Marathon (50 km)7:55:57
420-08-2016Merdeka Run (71 km)10:43:00
514-01-2017Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race (100 km)25:30:54
618-03-2017TITI Ultra 100 (100 km)17:47:52
730-12-2017Hoka One One MR25 Ultra Marathon (52.5 km)9:26:25
813-01-2018Jakarta Loops (12 Hrs)
910-11-2018University of Malaya 24 Hour Race (24 Hrs)105.837 km

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 10 starters; and
6. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;