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  Cronulla, NSW




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122-04-2012Virgin London Marathon5:07:04
206-05-2012Belfast City Marathon4:48:42
315-07-2012Fairlands Valley Spartans Challenge Marathon5:32:00
409-09-2012Dunstable Downs Marathon Challenge6:36:28
523-09-2012New Forest Marathon4:42:48
621-10-2012TCS Amsterdam Marathon4:52:00
712-12-2012Enigma Dirty Dozen Marathon4:45:22
816-12-2012Enigma Christmas Marathon Day 25:01:27
905-01-2013Enigma Winter Marathon Day 15:09:36
1010-02-2013Enigma Quadzilla Day 45:01:14
1109-03-2013Groundhog Day Track Marathon4:56:36
1231-03-2013Madeyarun Around The Reservoir Double Marathon Day 24:53:48
1322-06-2013Enigma Back Marathon7:58:08
1421-07-2013Fairlands Valley Challenge5:58:00
1525-07-2013Enigma Night Fever Marathon5:29:07
1621-09-2013LDWA Birmingham Canal Canter5:50:10
1714-10-2013Munchen Marathon5:07:47
1827-10-2013LDWA Blackwater Challenge Marathon6:14:00
1930-10-2013Enigma 3 Lakes Challenge Day 24:52:34
2009-11-2013Enigma Fireworks Marathon Day 14:44:41
2127-12-2013Sunset to Sunrise Marathon5:38:13
2205-01-2014Enigma Buff Winter Marathon Day 14:48:18
2309-02-2014Enigma Quadzilla Day 45:09:47
2416-02-2014Martello Marathon5:26:57
2502-03-2014LDWA New Forest Challenge6:01:xx
2608-03-2014Groundhog Day Track Marathon4:52:55
2723-03-2014Enigma Week At The Knees4:39:52
2819-04-2014Madeyarun Around The Reservoir Double Marathon Day 14:49:21
2920-04-2014Madeyarun Around The Reservoir Double Marathon Day 24:55:49
3021-04-2014Enigma The Empire Strikes Back Marathon5:20:56
3105-05-2014Milton Keynes Marathon4:56:47
3218-05-2014Asics Windermere Marathon5:14:57
3307-06-2014Viking Coastal Marathon5:02:32
3408-06-2014Viking Coastal Marathon5:22:12
3515-06-2014The Holly Challenge5:36:20
3621-06-2014Enigma Front Marathon5:26:34
3724-07-2014Enigma Night Fever Marathon5:51:40
3824-08-2014Allgau Panorama Marathon5:56:13
3907-09-2014Wolverhampton City Marathon5:30:43
4013-09-2014LDWA Birmingham Canal Canter5:34:xx
4112-10-2014Munich Marathon4:48:23
4225-10-2014Snowdonia Marathon5:10:36
4328-10-2014Enigma Three Lakes Challenge Day 15:01:37
4429-10-2014Enigma Three Lakes Challenge Day 24:56:27
4530-10-2014Enigma Three Lakes Challenge Day 35:04:06
4616-11-2014LDWA Shillington Shuffle6:06:xx
4723-11-2014Phoenix Running Thames Path Potter4:44:03
4829-11-2014Saxon Shore Marathons Day 14:48:20
4907-12-2014Dymchurch Marathon Day 34:35:43
5027-12-2014The Sunset to Sunrise Challenge Marathon5:31:15
5124-01-2015Viking Coastal Winter Marathon Day 14:57:07
5228-02-2015Belvoir Challenge Marathon6:20:10
5301-03-2015Boundary Run Marathon5:17:10
5407-03-2015Groundhog Day Track Marathon4:57:12
5504-04-2015Madeyarun Around The Reservoir Double Marathon Day 14:54:xx
5605-04-2015Madeyarun Around The Reservoir Double Marathon Day 24:57:xx
5706-04-2015Enigma Strikes Back Marathon5:04:49
5826-04-2015Blackpool Marathon4:44:14
5904-05-2015Milton Keynes Marathon5:09:51
6007-06-2015Hare & Tortoise Running5:24:51
6120-06-2015Enigma Back to Front Afternoon Marathon5:17:25
6219-07-2015Fairlands Valley Spartans Challenge Marathon6:46:23
6326-07-2015Summer Around The Reservoir Day 25:34:35
6401-08-2015Stour Valley Special Marathon6:48:08
6506-09-2015Wolverhampton City Marathon5:17:50
6619-09-2015LDWA Birmingham Canal Canter5:13:xx
6726-09-2015Enigma TBL Reverse Marathon5:09:15
6803-10-2015Heart Of England Forest Marathon6:34:xx
6925-10-2015Bestzeit Marathon4:20:43
7008-11-2015Enigma Fireworks Marathon5:06:52
7120-11-2015Maravan Day 15:49:51
7221-11-2015Maravan Day 25:22:11
7313-12-2015Enigma Christmas Marathon Day 25:04:36
7431-12-2015Liverbird Marathon Double Day 15:05:20
7503-01-2016Enigma Winter Marathon Day 25:27:47
7623-01-2016Dymchurch Marathon5:15:28
7731-01-2016Winter Holly Challenge Marathon
7806-03-2016Cambridge Boundary Marathon5:12:47
7912-03-2016Canal Canter Marathon Day 15:02:26
8026-03-2016Madeyarun Around The Reservoir Marathon
8103-04-2016Freiburg Marathon5:15:03
8210-04-2016Haverhill Festival of Running Marathon5:03:51
8302-05-2016Milton Keynes Marathon5:13:39
8422-07-2016Enigma Schools Out Marathon5:36:55
8513-08-2016Helsinki City Marathon4:55:41
8620-11-2016LDWA Steppingley Step5:19:xx
8721-12-2016Enigma Rocky Marathon4:19:42
8801-05-2017Milton Keynes Marathon5:13:04
8927-05-2017ING Night Marathon5:23:13
9023-07-2017Konigsschlosser Romantik Marathon4:50:15
9113-08-2017Allgau Panorama Trail Marathon6:09:33
9211-11-2017Horizontweg Marathon No 74:45:11
9319-11-2017LDWA Shillington Shuffle5:15:xx
9406-05-2018Milton Keynes Marathon5:40:18
9508-09-2019Launceston Marathon4:53:25
9620-10-2019Sri Chinmoy Mara-Fun Relays5:17:26


121-04-2013LDWA Bassetlaw Bash Challenge(27 Miles)4:49:02
229-09-2013LDWA Cotswold Challenge(26.4 Miles)6:38:00
323-11-2013Enigma 6 Hour Enduro(6 Hrs)48.000 km
412-01-2014LDWA Winter Tanners(30 Miles)7:58:22
530-03-2014LDWA Daffodil Dawdle(26.6 Miles)6:51:xx
613-04-2014LDWA Essex Walker(28.6 Miles)5:39:xx
718-04-2014Broad Meadow Runs Good Friday Marathon(26.5 Miles)5:47:16
813-07-2014Broad Meadow Runs Stratford Grand Union Canal Ultra(26.5 Miles)6:09:xx
920-07-2014Fairlands Valley Spartans Challenge Marathon(26.3 Miles)5:59:40
1002-08-2014The Railway Ultra(37 Miles)5:10:08
1106-09-2014Broad Meadow Runs Aston Subedge Marathon(26.5 Miles)6:29:59
1220-09-2014LDWA Surrey Tops(50 Miles)14:07:xx
1314-02-2015Broad Meadow Runs Valentines Marathon(26.5 Miles)5:57:56
1429-03-2015LDWA Daffodil Dawdle(26.6 Miles)6:05:xx
1512-04-2015A Coventry Way(40 Miles)10:24:xx
1623-04-2015LDWA Red Rose 100(100 Miles)44:26:xx
1707-11-2015Spooky Halloween Challenge(27 Miles)5:41:20
1815-11-2015LDWA Sundon Saunter(27 Miles)6:51:xx
1928-05-2016LDWA Dorset Hundred(100 Miles)36:12:xx
2003-07-2016LDWA From Here to There & Back(27 Miles)6:36:xx
2117-08-2016Karwendellauf Scharnitz-Pertisau(52 km)10:12:53
2219-03-2017LDWA Charnwood Marathon(27 Miles)5:54:09
2325-06-2017LDWA Herts Hobble(26.5 Miles)5:02:xx

Half Marathons

111-03-2012Friends of Mick & Phil Half Marathon2:10:34
214-10-2012Lloyds TSB Cardiff Half Marathon2:09:54

Other Events

120-03-2016LDWA Pick n Mix (10 Hrs)26 Miles
228-06-2016East Midlands Grand Prix (10 km)57:03
315-10-2016Chiltern League (5.85 km)30:59
412-11-2016Chiltern League Senior Women's Cross Country (5.9 km)30:07
514-01-2017Chiltern League Senior Women's Cross Country (6.1 km)32:18
624-09-2017Southern Women's 4-Stage Relays (4 km)17:29
704-11-2017ECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships (3 km)14:59

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;