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131-05-1969Traralgon Marathon2:43:17
226-07-1969Victorian Marathon Club Championship2:50:17
306-06-1970Traralgon Marathon2:51:44
425-07-1970Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:11:49
522-08-1970Victorian Marathon Championship2:55:24
626-09-1970Australian Marathon Championship2:59:33
713-06-1971Traralgon Marathon3:46:56
826-06-1971Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:09:21
931-07-1971Victorian Marathon Championship2:49:42
1011-06-1972Traralgon Marathon2:44:44
1124-06-1972Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:05:45
1219-08-1972Victorian Marathon Championship2:58:37
1316-09-1972Australian Marathon Championship3:07:46
1402-06-1973Victorian Marathon Club Championship2:50:08
1517-06-1973Traralgon Marathon2:47:41
1614-07-1973Victorian Marathon Championship2:35:41
1711-08-1973Victorian Country Marathon2:40:10
1802-06-1974Traralgon Marathon2:42:48
1929-06-1974Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:09:02
2010-08-1974Victorian Marathon Championship2:49:25
2131-08-1974Victorian Country Championship3:03:25
2214-09-1974Australian Marathon Championship2:39:31
2331-03-1975Huddersfield Chippendale Marathon2:47:11
2420-04-1975Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy Marathon2:55:00
2527-04-1975Marathon de Schifflange3:08:38
2603-05-1975Amsterdam International Marathon3:01:24
2708-06-1975Augustdorf Marathon2:47:46
2805-07-1975R.R.C. Marathon2:58:08
2919-07-1975Welsh Marathon Championship2:56:43
3009-08-1975Milk Marathon2:59:38
3113-09-1975Highgate Harriers Marathon2:45:27
3221-09-1975Rotherham Marathon2:49:07
3330-11-1975Barnsley International Marathon2:47:46
3407-03-1976Cambridge University Hare & Hounds Boundary Run
3511-09-1976Polytechnic Marathon2:41:25
3628-11-1976Barnsley International Marathon2:35:41
3721-05-1977Isle of Wight Marathon2:35:48
3811-06-1977Polytechnic Marathon2:28:07
3902-04-1978Duchy of Cornwall Marathon2:33:34
4020-05-1978Isle of Wight Marathon2:38:07
4110-06-1978Polytechnic Marathon2:35:33
4205-08-1978Milk Marathon2:32:33
4319-05-1979Isle of Wight Marathon2:39:35
4416-06-1979Polytechnic Marathon2:51:22
4511-08-1979Traralgon Marathon (Inc Victorian Country Championship)2:33:44
4618-11-1979SMAC Olympic Tyres Marathon2:42:32
4715-06-1980Victorian Marathon Club Championship2:52:41
4813-09-1980Traralgon Marathon2:36:49
4912-10-1980Festival City Marathon2:36:05
5023-11-1980Olympic Tyres Marathon2:41:25
5125-04-1981Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:09:31
5202-08-1981Festival City Marathon3:13:22
5312-09-1981Traralgon Marathon2:51:49
5424-04-1982Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon2:35:32
5527-03-1983Herald S10 Victorian Marathon Championship2:36:04
5624-04-1983Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon2:42:38
5722-05-1983Victorian Marathon Club Marathon2:53:55
5814-04-1985Nike 10th Annual Canberra Marathon2:43:48
5928-04-1985Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon2:52:49
6008-06-1986Guyatts Discount City Traralgon Marathon2:52:55
6112-04-1987Nike Canberra Marathon2:58:55
6225-04-1987Anzac Day Marathon2:46:03
6322-11-1987South Melbourne Marathon2:39:58
6410-04-1988Nike Canberra Marathon3:11:59
6525-04-1988Anzac Day Marathon2:53:25
6612-06-19883UL Traralgon Marathon2:37:22
6721-08-1988Qantas Cities Marathon2:40:41
6820-11-1988South Melbourne Marathon2:40:56
6911-06-1989Traralgon Marathon2:58:12
7017-06-1989Telecom Bathurst Marathon2:48:02
7120-08-1989Qantas Cities Marathon2:54:56
7218-08-1991McDonnell Douglas Cities Marathon2:54:18


101-05-1975Woodford to Southend(37 3/8 Miles)4:42:38
223-08-1975The Two Bridges(36 Miles)4:06:24
306-09-1975South London Harriers 30(30 Miles)3:21:31
404-10-1975London to Brighton Race(53.1 Miles)5:54:39
525-10-1975Accolade 100(100 Miles)12:42:50
630-04-1977Ewell 50km Race(50 km)3:22:12
729-04-1978Ewell 50km Race(50 km)4:12:40
826-08-1978Two Bridges(58.1 km)3:38:00
918-06-1988VMC Road Runners 50 Miles Track Race(50 miles)5:52:15
1004-09-1988Bathurst 50 Miler(50 Miles)6:13:15
1101-10-1988Sri Chinmoy 100km Track Race(100 km)7:41:46
1230-10-1988Brindabella Classic(50 km)3:51:00

Other Events

110-06-1968VMC 20km (20 km)1:19:49
203-05-1969VMC 15000m (15 km)54:04
316-06-1969VMC 20km (20 km)2:02:33
416-06-1969VMC 20km (20 km)1:26:28
503-05-1970VMC Handicap (15 km)57:18
601-04-1972Crackenback Challenge (2 km)24:29
709-04-1972VMC Handicap (16 km)56:48
806-05-1972VMC Handicap (25 km)1:31:52
913-05-1972VMC King Of The Mountains (32 km)1:58:50
1006-11-1972VMC Two Bridges (8 km)28:34
1120-11-1972VMC Two Bridges (12 km)42:19
1208-04-1973VMC Handicap (16 km)59:23
1321-04-1973Crackenback Challenge (2 km)25:50
1410-02-1980Richmond Harriers - VMC Boulevarde Bash (16 km)54:48
1524-02-1980VMC Handicap (19.5 km)1:07:02
1612-07-1980VMC Handicap (25 km)1:42:00
1712-04-1982VMC Easter Run (16.5 km)58:21

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;