Peter Logan

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  South Melbourne, VIC




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100th Marathon:
Traralgon Marathon - 11 Jun 1989


124-06-1972Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:25:44
219-08-1972Victorian Marathon Championship3:10:45
302-06-1973Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:16:50
417-06-1973Traralgon Marathon3:07:35
514-07-1973Victorian Marathon Championship2:56:14
611-08-1973Victorian Country Marathon3:26:46
729-06-1974Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:13:28
831-08-1974Victorian Country Championship3:18:32
923-08-1975Victorian Country Championship2:53:05
1006-06-1976Traralgon Marathon3:23:53
1113-06-1976Victorian Marathon Club Championship2:56:56
1226-06-1976Victorian Marathon Championship3:13:19
1315-08-1976Victorian Country Championship2:52:16
1421-11-1976VMC Olympic Anniversary Marathon2:52:32
1502-04-1977ACT Marathon Championship3:22:24
1612-06-1977Victorian Marathon Club Championship2:52:21
1725-06-1977Victorian Marathon Championship2:55:59
1827-08-1977Victorian Country Championship3:20:29
1901-10-1977Victorian Veterans Championship3:00:10
2020-11-1977SMAC Olympic Tyres Marathon2:47:46
2101-04-1978Harbord Diggers Marathon3:08:30
2215-04-1978ACT Marathon Championship3:08:29
2311-06-1978Victorian Marathon Club Championship2:57:10
2417-06-1978Victorian Marathon Championship2:53:19
2522-07-1978Traralgon Marathon3:18:45
2619-08-1978Victorian Country Championship3:06:45
2702-09-1978Victorian Veterans Championship3:18:29
2819-11-1978SMAC Olympic Tyres Marathon2:58:01
2901-04-1979Canberra Marathon2:56:19
3007-04-1979Harbord Diggers Marathon2:56:15
3117-06-1979Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:09:52
3223-06-1979Victorian Marathon Championship2:43:55
3311-08-1979Traralgon Marathon (Inc Victorian Country Championship)2:54:46
3425-08-1979Victorian Veterans Championship3:03:50
3521-10-1979Big M Melbourne Marathon3:12:49
3618-11-1979SMAC Olympic Tyres Marathon2:48:59
3726-04-1980Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon2:59:10
3824-05-1980Victorian Marathon Championship2:54:33
3931-05-1980Mt Beauty Marathon2:57:18
4015-06-1980Victorian Marathon Club Championship2:55:18
4110-08-1980Victorian Country Championship2:55:47
4213-09-1980Traralgon Marathon2:53:26
4312-10-1980Big M Melbourne Marathon3:02:24
4423-11-1980Olympic Tyres Marathon2:48:54
4507-12-1980Sri Chinmoy Marathon3:10:21
4625-04-1981Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon2:56:59
4724-04-1982Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:08:29
4823-05-1982Victorian Marathon Championship / VMC3:11:00
4929-05-1982Mt Beauty Marathon3:12:00
5013-06-1982Traralgon Marathon3:06:57
5125-07-1982Central Highlands Marathon2:55:55
5208-08-1982Sri Chinmoy Marathon2:59:12
5314-08-1982Victorian Country Championship3:02:30
5417-10-1982Big M Melbourne Marathon2:56:15
5521-11-1982Red Devil South Melbourne Marathon2:47:38
5627-03-1983Herald S10 Victorian Marathon Championship2:51:35
5710-04-1983Nike International / Avon Women's Canberra Marathon2:54:08
5824-04-1983Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:10:00
5922-05-1983Victorian Marathon Club Marathon3:12:54
6028-05-1983Mt Beauty Marathon3:01:35
6112-06-1983Nubrik Traralgon Marathon2:55:17
6207-08-1983Sri Chinmoy Marathon2:57:14
6328-08-1983Victorian Country Championship2:47:45
6409-10-1983Big M Melbourne Marathon2:51:50
6527-11-1983South Melbourne Marathon2:59:36
6626-02-1984Thredbo Marathon3:19:09
6710-06-1984Nubrik Traralgon Marathon3:10:18
6801-07-1984Sri Chinmoy Marathon3:14:45
6915-07-1984Mita Copiers State Championship Marathon2:51:34
7026-08-1984Central Highlands Marathon2:58:12
7114-10-1984Big M Melbourne Marathon2:51:43
7225-11-1984Red Devil South Melbourne Marathon3:08:41
7328-04-1985Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon2:59:21
7411-05-1985Victorian Country Marathon3:19:46
7525-05-1985Mt Beauty Marathon3:05:55
7609-06-1985Nubrik Traralgon Marathon2:54:01
7707-07-1985Sri Chinmoy Marathon3:11:20
7821-07-1985Mita Copiers State Championship Marathon2:52:21
7913-10-1985Big M Melbourne Marathon2:48:56
8010-11-1985Thredbo Marathon3:25:12
8117-11-1985Lifestyle Lakeside South Melbourne Marathon2:56:45
8227-04-1986Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon2:52:03
8308-06-1986Guyatts Discount City Traralgon Marathon3:24:55
8414-09-1986Victorian Veteran's Championship2:54:34
8512-10-1986Budget Melbourne Marathon3:05:50
8612-04-1987Nike Canberra Marathon2:57:35
8726-04-1987Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:13:11
8824-05-1987Victorian Marathon Club Marathon2:58:07
8930-05-1987Mt Beauty Marathon3:09:34
9007-06-1987Traralgon Marathon2:58:54
9112-07-1987Victorian Veteran's Championship3:08:40
9211-10-1987Budget Melbourne Marathon2:52:55
9306-12-1987World Veterans Championship2:50:17
9424-04-1988Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:20:32
9529-05-1988VMC Runners World Marathon2:54:10
9610-07-1988Victorian Veterans Marathon2:58:07
9709-10-1988Budget Bicentennial Melbourne Marathon3:19:09
9811-12-1988Chase Carnival Marathon2:53:39
9923-04-1989Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:14:17
10011-06-1989Traralgon Marathon2:57:42
10108-04-1990ACT Academy of Sport Canberra Marathon3:13:07
10222-04-1990Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:14:20
10317-06-1990Southern Cross Traralgon Marathon3:06:08
10415-07-1990Victorian Veterans Championship3:05:09
10526-08-1990Toyota Festival City Marathon3:26:00
10614-10-1990Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:09:21
10701-12-1990Chase Carnival Marathon3:02:15
10814-04-1991Mobil Canberra Marathon3:09:45
10928-04-1991Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:07:19
11002-06-1991Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:11:51
11122-09-1991Traralgon Marathon3:20:41
11206-10-1991Victorian People's Marathon3:10:42
11327-10-1991Sunicrust Chase Carnival Marathon2:53:08
11412-04-1992Mobil Canberra Marathon3:08:19
11519-04-1992Traralgon Marathon3:05:10
11603-05-1992Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:17:19
11731-05-1992Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:19:08
11819-07-1992JAL Gold Coast Marathon3:22:16
11905-12-1993Chase Carnival Marathon2:54:53


101-10-1978NSW 50 Miles Championship (50 Miles)6:40:40
207-10-1979NSW 50 Miler (50 Miles)6:47:23
323-03-1980VMC 50 Mile Track Race (50 Miles)6:39:54
419-10-1980Sydney to Wollongong (50 Miles)7:03:56
526-09-1982NSW 50 Miles Road Running Championship (50 Miles)7:33:09
626-06-1983VMC Road Runners 50 Mile Track Race (50 Miles)6:07:28
705-11-19832nd Sri Chinmoy 24 Hr Festival of Running (24 Hrs)111.5 Miles
804-02-1984Box Hill 24 Hr Run (24 Hrs)80.4 km
923-06-1984VMC 50 Mile Track Race (50 Miles)6:31:47
1009-09-1984Coburg Railway Centenary 100km Run (100 km)8:57:47
1103-11-19843rd Sri Chinmoy 24 Hr Festival of Running (24 Hrs)161.872 km
1210-03-1985VMC Road Runners 150km Track Race (24 Hr Time Limit) (150 km)21:43:47
1329-06-1985VMC 50 Mile Track Race (50 Miles)6:34:03
1430-06-1985VMC 50 Mile Road Race (50 Miles)6:49:47
1528-06-1986VMC 50 Mile Track Race (50 Miles)6:49:47
024-08-1986C.H.A.S.E. Carnival 50 Mile Ultra Marathon (50 Miles)DNF
1620-06-1987VMC Road Runners 50 Miles Track Race (50 Miles)6:39:58
023-08-1987Victorian 50 Mile Road Championship (50 Miles)DNF
1708-01-1989Bogong to Hotham (64 km)9:49:01
1811-11-1990Brindabella Classic (50 km)5:39:58

Other Events

101-11-1971VMC Two Bridges (8 km)30:20
215-11-1971VMC Two Bridges (12 km)48:26
309-04-1972VMC Handicap (16 km)1:05:24
430-04-1972VMC Fallen Comrades (12 km)48:13
513-05-1972VMC King Of The Mountains (32 km)2:22:04
606-11-1972VMC Two Bridges (8 km)30:37
720-11-1972VMC Two Bridges (12 km)46:36
804-12-1972VMC Two Bridges (16 km)1:08:16
919-12-1972VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy B Division (10 km)40:44
1008-04-1973VMC Handicap (16 km)1:06:43
1125-04-1973VMC Fallen Comrades (12 km)47:33
1228-07-1973VMC King Of The Mountains (32 km)2:20:57
1307-11-1973VMC Two Bridges (8 km)29:30
1412-11-1973VMC Two Bridges (12 km)46:05
1505-12-1973VMC Two Bridges (16 km)1:03:35
1624-04-1974VMC Fallen Comrades (12 km)46:28
1725-05-1974VMC Handicap (25 km)1:41:40
1827-07-1974VMC King Of The Mountains (32 km)2:21:39
1906-11-1974VMC Two Bridges (16 km)1:04:58
2006-04-1975VMC Handicap (16 km)1:01:31
2111-05-1975VMC Handicap (20 km)1:20:23
2206-09-1975VMC King Of The Mountains (20 Miles)2:25:20
2319-10-1975VMC One Hour Run (1 Hour)15.5197 km
2405-11-1975VMC Two Bridges (16 km)1:01:25
2515-12-1975VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy C Division (10 km)38:08
2619-04-1976VMC Handicap (16 km)1:03:26
2701-05-1976VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:00:38
2803-07-1976VMC Handicap (15 km)57:04
2903-10-1976VMC Fallen Comrades (12 km)47:45
3014-12-1976VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy D Division (10 km)37:46
3107-04-1977VMC Handicap (20 Miles)2:14:21
3211-04-1977VMC Handicap (16 km)1:02:20
3317-07-1977VMC Handicap (20 km)1:22:22
3403-09-1977VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:18:50
3502-11-1977VMC Two Bridges (16 km)1:01:17
3616-11-1977VMC Two Bridges (12 km)47:14
3712-12-1977VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy D Division (10000m)37:55
3825-04-1978VMC Fallen Comrades (12 km)48:57
3928-05-1978VMC Handicap (20 km)1:24:28
4005-07-1978VMC Handicap (25 km)1:43:18
4116-09-1978VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:09:07
4208-11-1978VMC Two Bridges (16 km)1:03:57
4306-12-1978VMC Two Bridges (8 km)30:27
4411-12-1978VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy E Division (10000m)37:58
4511-02-1979VMC Handicap (16 km)1:02:41
4625-02-1979VMC Handicap (19+ km)1:18:41
4714-07-1979VMC Handicap (25 km)58:29
4815-09-1979VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:13:50
4907-11-1979VMC Two Bridges (16 km)59:53
5012-07-1980VMC Handicap (25 km)1:49:41
5120-09-1980VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:13:03
5219-11-1980VMC Two Bridges (12 km)45:15
5308-02-1981Richmond Harriers - VMC Boulevarde Bash (16 km)1:11:31
5417-01-1982VMC Handicap (13 km)1:00:42
5509-05-1982VMC Handicap (15 km)19:42
5603-11-1982VMC Road Runners Two Bridges (16 km)1:01:25
5719-02-1984VMCRR Fun Run (19 km)1:19:30
5814-03-1984VMCRR Two Bridges Fun Run (10 km)37:35
5902-09-1984VMC Puma Beach Road Bash (32 km)2:33:54
6015-09-1984VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:07:07
6116-01-1985VMCRR Two Bridges Fun Run (10 km)36:29
6206-02-1985VMCRR Two Bridges Fun Run (10 km)39:37
6317-02-1985VMCRR Fun Run (16 km)1:22:43
6413-03-1985VMCRR Two Bridges Fun Run (10 km)44:55
6523-06-1985VMC Road Runners (20 km)1:28:57
6614-09-1985VMC King & Queen Of The Mountains (30 km)2:20:22
6720-11-1985VMCRR Two Bridges (4 km)14:15
6804-12-1985VMCRR Two Bridges (8 km)28:54
6915-12-1985VMCRR Emil Zatopec Fun Run (10 km)39:17
7019-01-1986VMCRR Fun Run (13 km)51:09
7102-02-1986Cubitt Classic (10 Miles)58:38
7205-02-1986VMCRR Two Bridges (10 km)38:34
7320-09-1986VMC King & Queen Of The Mountains (30 km)2:13:22
7426-10-1986VMC Puma Daylight Saving 10 (10 Miles)1:07:05
7505-11-1986VMCRR Two Bridges (16 km)1:03:10
7619-11-1986VMCRR Two Bridges (12 km)49:46
7721-01-1987VMCRR Two Bridges (10 km)36:39
7819-09-1987VMC Queen Of The Mountain (15 km)1:03:05
7913-12-1987VMC David Ward Emil Zatopek Fun Run (10 km)38:26
8017-09-1988VMC Queen Of The Mountain (15 km)57:04

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;