Gerry Riley

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  Tweed Heads South, NSW




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100th Marathon:
Traralgon Marathon - 11 Jun 1989


119-08-1972Victorian Marathon Championship3:13:14
202-06-1973Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:15:06
317-06-1973Traralgon Marathon3:02:15
414-07-1973Victorian Marathon Championship3:04:10
502-06-1974Traralgon Marathon3:01:16
629-06-1974Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:07:05
710-08-1974Victorian Marathon Championship2:59:58
831-08-1974Victorian Country Championship3:13:00
901-06-1975Traralgon Marathon (Inc. VMC Championship)3:05:06
1028-06-1975Victorian Marathon Championship2:53:16
1123-08-1975Victorian Country Championship2:57:16
1206-06-1976Traralgon Marathon3:08:00
1313-06-1976Victorian Marathon Club Championship2:53:56
1426-06-1976Victorian Marathon Championship3:13:19
1525-09-1976Victorian Veterans Championship3:00:52
1621-11-1976VMC Olympic Anniversary Marathon3:01:15
1712-06-1977Victorian Marathon Club Championship2:56:05
1825-06-1977Victorian Marathon Championship3:01:39
1914-08-1977Traralgon Marathon3:05:13
2027-08-1977Victorian Country Championship3:09:01
2101-10-1977Victorian Veterans Championship3:12:46
2220-11-1977SMAC Olympic Tyres Marathon2:56:11
2311-06-1978Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:08:57
2417-06-1978Victorian Marathon Championship3:03:06
2522-07-1978Traralgon Marathon3:18:45
2619-08-1978Victorian Country Championship3:00:00
2702-09-1978Victorian Veterans Championship3:10:52
2805-11-1978Big M Melbourne Marathon3:06:49
2919-11-1978SMAC Olympic Tyres Marathon2:59:43
3019-05-1979Isle of Wight Marathon3:22:03
3117-06-1979Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:16:40
3223-06-1979Victorian Marathon Championship3:04:59
3311-08-1979Traralgon Marathon (Inc Victorian Country Championship)3:16:40
3425-08-1979Victorian Veterans Championship3:32:05
3521-10-1979Big M Melbourne Marathon3:22:44
3618-11-1979SMAC Olympic Tyres Marathon2:59:38
3726-04-1980Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:08:14
3824-05-1980Victorian Marathon Championship3:15:36
3915-06-1980Victorian Marathon Club Championship3:08:58
4010-08-1980Victorian Country Championship3:08:16
4123-08-1980Victorian Veterans Championship3:18:26
4213-09-1980Traralgon Marathon3:05:06
4312-10-1980Big M Melbourne Marathon2:56:24
4423-11-1980Olympic Tyres Marathon2:57:13
4507-12-1980Sri Chinmoy Marathon3:13:34
4614-01-1981World Veterans Championship2:56:42
4725-04-1981Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:06:05
4809-08-1981Sri Chinmoy Marathon3:32:01
4915-08-1981Victorian Country Championship3:47:58
5029-08-1981Victorian Veterans Championship3:30:40
5118-10-1981Big M Melbourne Marathon3:25:34
5222-11-1981SMAC Olympic Tyres Marathon3:03:33
5324-04-1982Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:14:32
5423-05-1982Victorian Marathon Championship / VMC3:12:32
5513-06-1982Traralgon Marathon3:10:16
5608-08-1982Sri Chinmoy Marathon3:05:45
5721-08-1982Victorian Veterans Championship3:05:08
5817-10-1982Big M Melbourne Marathon3:02:03
5921-11-1982Red Devil South Melbourne Marathon3:02:02
6024-04-1983Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:11:27
6122-05-1983Victorian Marathon Club Marathon3:12:54
6212-06-1983Nubrik Traralgon Marathon3:08:17
6310-07-1983Victorian Veterans Championship3:08:17
6407-08-1983Sri Chinmoy Marathon3:10:44
6509-10-1983Big M Melbourne Marathon3:14:39
6627-11-1983South Melbourne Marathon3:05:38
6729-04-1984Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:29:52
6827-05-1984Victorian Marathon Club Marathon3:21:28
6910-06-1984Nubrik Traralgon Marathon3:12:28
7001-07-1984Sri Chinmoy Marathon3:11:08
7115-07-1984Mita Copiers State Championship Marathon3:03:08
7226-08-1984Central Highlands Marathon3:12:38
7328-04-1985Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:24:40
7411-05-1985Victorian Country Marathon3:19:46
7526-05-1985Victorian Marathon Club Marathon3:25:30
7609-06-1985Nubrik Traralgon Marathon3:14:20
7707-07-1985Sri Chinmoy Marathon3:15:36
7821-07-1985Mita Copiers State Championship Marathon3:09:29
7925-08-1985Festival City Marathon3:18:18
8017-11-1985Lifestyle Lakeside South Melbourne Marathon3:11:20
8127-04-1986Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:10:03
8225-05-1986Victorian Marathon Club Marathon3:14:27
8308-06-1986Guyatts Discount City Traralgon Marathon3:24:55
8424-08-1986Chase Carnival Marathon3:25:32
8531-08-1986Foodland Jubilee Festival City Marathon3:12:59
8612-10-1986Budget Melbourne Marathon3:16:45
8716-11-1986Mita Copiers South Melbourne Marathon3:11:03
8826-04-1987Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:15:28
8924-05-1987Victorian Marathon Club Marathon3:12:39
9007-06-1987Traralgon Marathon3:01:07
9112-07-1987Victorian Veteran's Championship3:01:06
9223-08-1987Chase Carnival Marathon3:04:15
9310-04-1988Nike Canberra Marathon3:09:13
9424-04-1988Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:20:25
9509-10-1988Budget Bicentennial Melbourne Marathon3:26:28
9620-11-1988South Melbourne Marathon3:19:00
9711-12-1988Chase Carnival Marathon3:15:45
9809-04-1989Nike Canberra Marathon3:12:11
9923-04-1989Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:27:32
10011-06-1989Traralgon Marathon3:15:10
10113-08-1989Toyota Festival City Marathon3:12:20
10220-08-1989Victorian Veterans Marathon3:12:14
10308-10-1989Budget Melbourne Marathon (Inc. Victorian Championship)3:14:02
10410-12-1989CHASE Marathon3:07:11
10514-01-1990Cadbury Glass & A Half Marathon3:17:09
10608-04-1990ACT Academy of Sport Canberra Marathon3:10:49
10722-04-1990Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:18:56
10826-05-1990Mt Beauty Marathon3:17:12
10917-06-1990Southern Cross Traralgon Marathon3:11:52
11015-07-1990Victorian Veterans Championship3:18:21
11118-11-1990Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:32:47
11201-12-1990Chase Carnival Marathon3:19:38
11314-04-1991Mobil Canberra Marathon3:20:42
11425-05-1991Mt Beauty Marathon3:38:50
11502-06-1991Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:24:50
11601-09-1991Daihatsu Adelaide Marathon3:16:00
11722-09-1991Traralgon Marathon3:20:00
11806-10-1991Victorian People's Marathon3:25:00
11927-10-1991Sunicrust Chase Carnival Marathon3:19:02
12017-11-1991Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:26:49
12112-04-1992Mobil Canberra Marathon3:15:04
12219-04-1992Traralgon Marathon3:16:50
12303-05-1992Halls Gap - Stawell Marathon3:17:19
12423-05-1992Mt Beauty Marathon3:45:33
12531-05-1992Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:20:26
12630-08-1992Daihatsu Adelaide Marathon3:35:16
12704-10-1992Victorian Peoples Marathon3:36:04
12815-11-1992Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:58:38
12921-11-1993Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon4:01:49
13005-12-1993Chase Carnival Marathon3:46:26
13110-04-1994Mobil Canberra Marathon3:51:07
13221-05-1994Mt Beauty Marathon3:51:16
13305-06-1994Qantas Melbourne Marathon3:49:51
13402-10-1994Victorian Veterans Marathon3:37:53
13520-11-1994Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:54:37
13609-04-1995Mobil Canberra Marathon3:41:52
13716-07-1995JAL Gold Coast Marathon3:57:21
13812-07-1998JAL Gold Coast Marathon (Inc. Australian Championship)3:57:28
13930-08-1998Sunrice Noosa Marathon4:01:00
14030-05-1999Quest Brisbane River Marathon4:16:00
14128-05-2000Quest Brisbane River Marathon4:06:39
14225-06-2000Gold Coast City Marathon4:17:48
14306-07-2003Gold Coast Airport Marathon4:44:00
14403-07-2005Gold Coast Airport Marathon5:12:24
14502-07-2006Gold Coast Airport Marathon5:05:38
14610-10-2010St George Melbourne Marathon6:10:37


123-03-1980VMC 50 Mile Track Race(50 Miles)7:25:34
226-06-1982VMC Road Runners 50 Mile Fun Run(50 Miles)7:12:41
305-11-19832nd Sri Chinmoy 24 Hr Festival of Running(24 Hrs)194.158 km
404-02-1984Box Hill 24 Hr Run(24 Hrs)203.192 km
521-04-1984Manly 100 Mile Track Marathon(100 Miles)19:11:57
623-06-1984VMC 50 Mile Track Race(50 Miles)7:32:21
709-09-1984Coburg Railway Centenary 100km Run(100 km)10:13:59
803-11-19843rd Sri Chinmoy 24 Hr Festival of Running(24 Hrs)204.051 km
926-11-1984Colac 6 Day Race(6 Days)589.200 km
1002-02-1985Victorian Veterans' Athletic Club 24 Hr Track Race(24 Hrs)187.550 km
1110-03-1985VMC Road Runners 150km Track Race (24 Hr Time Limit)(150 km)18:04:34
1206-04-1985Frankston to Portsea(55 km)5:25:00
1320-04-1985Manly 100 Mile Track Marathon(100 Miles)18:40:04
1429-06-1985VMC 50 Mile Track Race(50 Miles)7:24:56
1509-11-19854th Sri Chinmoy 24 Hr Festival of Running(24 Hrs)197.368 km
1624-02-1986Colac 6 Day Race(6 Days)724.000 km
1728-06-1986VMC 50 Mile Track Race(50 Miles)7:18:28
1814-09-1986Coburg 100km Track Championship(100 km)10:02:36
1901-11-19865th Sri Chinmoy 24 Hr Festival of Running(24 Hrs)210.272 km
2027-02-1987Victorian Veterans' Athletic Club 24 Hr Track Race(24 Hrs)161.600 km
2107-03-1987Percy Cerutty Memorial 12 Hr Race(12 Hrs)113.532 km
2220-06-1987VMC Road Runners 50 Miles Track Race(50 Miles)7:04:23
2303-10-1987Sri Chinmoy National 24 Hr Track Race(24 Hrs)194.772 km
2416-11-1987Colac 6 Day Race(6 Days)741.200 km
2513-02-1988Victorian Veterans 24 Hr Track Race(24 Hrs)188.652 km
2629-10-1988Sri Chinmoy National 24 Hr Track Race(24 Hrs)182.247 km
2723-02-1991Victorian 24 Hr Track Championship(24 Hrs)42.4 km
2821-07-1991South Australian Veterans' 50 Mile Track Race(50 Miles)7:57:23
2926-01-1992Mansfield to Mt Buller(50 km)5:27:35
3011-08-2007Gold Coast 6 Hour Track Race(6 Hrs)41.647 km

Half Marathons

123-05-1976Ballarat Harriers Half Marathon1:23:37
229-05-1977Ballarat Harriers Half Marathon1:19:58
308-04-1978VMC Half Marathon1:23:01
407-04-1979VMC Half Marathon1:25:02
503-05-1980VMC Half Marathon1:24:24
611-05-1981Tullamarine Airport Half Marathon1:24:47
717-08-1986Patterson Lakes Half Marathon1:29:50
817-05-1987VRR Winelands Half Marathon1:33:36
924-05-1987Ballarat Harriers Half Marathon1:28:35
1030-07-1989Frankston Half Marathon1:29:09
1106-05-1990Ballarat Harriers Half Marathon1:29:12
1217-03-1991Eaglehawk YMCA Half Marathon1:33:20
1305-05-1991Ballarat Harriers Half Marathon1:36:20
1418-08-1991Altona Half Marathon1:30:24
1522-03-1992Eaglehawk YMCA Half Marathon1:29:10
1610-05-1992VMC David Ward Half Marathon1:33:37
1710-05-1992Melbourne Half Marathon1:31:xx
1812-07-1992Coburg Half Marathon1:35:50
1915-08-1992Altona Half Marathon1:39:42
2025-10-1992Creswick Half Marathon1:45:39
2129-11-1992Horsham Half Marathon1:40:57
2221-08-1993VRR Princes Park Half Marathon1:51:11
2331-10-1993Creswick Half Marathon1:47:40
2420-03-1994Eaglehawk YMCA Half Marathon1:38:15
2501-05-1994Ballarat Harriers Half Marathon1:36:38
2608-05-1994Melbourne Half Marathon1:34:55
2717-07-1994Gold Coast Marathon Half1:36:54
2828-08-1994VRR Princes Park Half Marathon1:38:21
2919-03-1995Eaglehawk YMCA Half Marathon1:34:12
3023-04-1995Geelong Half Marathon1:40:43
3104-06-1995Melbourne Half Marathon1:36:42
3227-08-1995VRR Princes Park Half Marathon1:38:12
3305-11-1995Dunolly Half Marathon1:40:59
3417-03-1996Eaglehawk YMCA Half Marathon1:33:36
3518-05-1996My Beauty Half Marathon1:51:37
3616-03-1997Eaglehawk YMCA Half Marathon1:45:43
3713-04-1997Geelong Half Marathon1:47:xx
3804-05-1997Ballarat Harriers Half Marathon1:46:30
3925-05-1997Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon1:46:25
4024-05-1998Brisbane Half Marathon1:41:39
4113-09-1998Wardell Half Marathon1:47:35
4211-07-1999Gold Coast Marathon Half1:45:56
4312-09-1999Wardell Half Marathon1:46:24
4410-10-1999Melbourne Marathon Half1:49:xx
4529-04-2000RSL Relay Half Marathon1:50:xx
4624-06-2001Gold Coast Marathon Half1:53:30
4707-07-2002Gold Coast Marathon Half1:58:xx
4808-09-2002Wardell Half Marathon2:05:50
4913-10-2002Melbourne Marathon Half2:03:18
5027-04-2003Lest We Forget Half Marathon2:10:xx
5104-07-2004Gold Coast Marathon Half2:20:xx
5221-05-2005Warwick Pentathlon Half2:11:12
5330-04-2006Brisbane Running Festival2:15:xx
5419-05-2007Warwick Pentathlon Half2:14:42
5506-07-2008Gold Coast Marathon Half2:33:xx
5605-07-2009Gold Coast Marathon Half2:57:xx

Other Events

112-08-1972VMC Handicap (15 km)59:24
208-04-1973VMC Handicap (16 km)1:06:30
325-04-1973VMC Fallen Comrades (12 km)49:25
406-05-1973VMC Handicap (20 km)1:25:20
519-05-1973VMC Handicap (15 km)58:47
614-10-1973VMC Weight For Age Handicap (3000m)10:38
707-11-1973VMC Two Bridges (8 km)30:18
812-11-1973VMC Two Bridges (12 km)45:55
919-12-1973VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy B Division (10000m)38:08
1020-12-1973VMC Masters Mile (1 Mile)5:11.5
1106-11-1974VMC Two Bridges (16 km)1:00:59
1220-11-1974VMC Two Bridges (12 km)47:50
1304-12-1974VMC Two Bridges (8 km)28:59
1416-12-1974VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy C Division (10 km)36:54
1518-12-1974VMC Masters Mile (1 Mile)5:17
1601-01-1975VMC Midnight Run (8 km)29:00
1706-04-1975VMC Handicap (16 km)1:01:51
1825-04-1975VMC Fallen Comrades (12 km)44:10
1911-05-1975VMC Handicap (20 km)1:16:49
2006-09-1975VMC King Of The Mountains (20 Miles)2:18:00
2112-10-1975VMC Weight For Age Handicap (3000m)10:55
2212-10-1975VMC Open Teams Race (5000m)19:18
2319-10-1975VMC One Hour Run (1 Hour)14.8363 km
2403-12-1975VMC Two Bridges (8 km)29:08
2515-12-1975VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy C Division (10 km)36:56
2617-12-1975VMC Masters Mile (1 Mile)5:10.1
2701-01-1976VMC Midnight Run (8 km)29:23
2806-01-1976VMC Run For Your Supper 5000m (5000m)19:21
2906-01-1976VMC Run For Your Supper 3000m (3000m)11:05
3014-03-1976VMC Handicap (20 km)1:20:27
3119-04-1976VMC Handicap (16 km)1:01:42
3225-04-1976VMC Fallen Comrades (12 km)39:27
3301-05-1976VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:00:08
3403-07-1976VMC Handicap (15 km)56:05
3528-08-1976VMC Handicap (20 km)1:17:07
3610-10-1976VMC One Hour Run (1 Hr)15.6775 km
3703-11-1976VMC Two Bridges (12 km)45:16
3801-12-1976VMC Two Bridges (8 km)29:38
3914-12-1976VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy C Division (10 km)36:17
4012-01-1977Victorian 10000m Championship 2nd Division (10000m)37:40
4107-04-1977VMC Handicap (20 Miles)2:13:19
4211-04-1977VMC Handicap (16 km)1:00:29
4322-05-1977VMC Handicap (15 km)56:31
4417-07-1977VMC Handicap (20 km)1:17:46
4503-09-1977VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:08:07
4609-10-1977VMC Weight For Age Handicap (3000m)10:24
4709-10-1977VMC One Hour Run (1 Hr)15.1857 km
4812-12-1977VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy C Division (10000m)38:03
4915-12-1977VMC Masters Mile (1 Mile)5:06
5001-01-1978VMC Midnight Run (8 km)29:50
5103-01-1978VMC Run For Your Supper 5000m (5000m)19:18
5227-03-1978VMC Handicap (16 km)1:01:19
5325-04-1978VMC Fallen Comrades (12 km)44:23
5407-05-1978VMC Handicap (15 km)57:44
5528-05-1978VMC Handicap (20 km)1:20:59
5605-07-1978VMC Handicap (25 km)1:32:31
5716-09-1978VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:09:07
5808-10-1978VMC One Hour Run (1 Hr)14.535 km
5911-12-1978VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy E Division (10000m)36:35
6014-12-1978VMC Masters Mile (1 Mile)5:13
6121-01-1979VMC Handicap (13 km)50:09
6211-02-1979VMC Handicap (16 km)1:03:28
6325-02-1979VMC Handicap (19+ km)1:17:40
6413-04-1979VMC Handicap (16 km)1:13:51
6529-04-1979VMC Handicap (15 km)59:15
6614-07-1979VMC Handicap (25 km)1:40:57
6717-12-1979VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy E Division (10000m)37:10
6820-01-1980VMC Handicap (13 km)1:00:25
6907-04-1980VMC Handicap (16 km)1:04:31
7013-04-1980VMC Handicap (15 km)58:19
7120-04-1980VMC Fallen Comrades (12 km)48:54
7229-06-1980VMC Handicap (20 km)1:20:08
7312-07-1980VMC Handicap (25 km)1:43:14
7420-09-1980VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:09:40
7516-12-1980VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy E Division (10000m)37:18
7601-01-1981VMC Midnight Run (8 km)36:52
7718-01-1981VMC Handicap (13 km)55:47
7808-02-1981Richmond Harriers - VMC Boulevarde Bash (16 km)1:11:31
7922-02-1981VMC Handicap (19.4 km)1:17:09
8020-04-1981VMC Easter Sporting Festival (16.8 km)1:16:33
8119-09-1981VMC King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:19:54
8214-12-1981VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy E Division (10000m)39:38
8317-01-1982VMC Handicap (13 km)1:00:41
8412-04-1982VMC Easter Run (16.5 km)1:11:35
8509-05-1982VMC Handicap (15 km)59:04
8618-09-1982VMC & Peninsula Road Runners King Of The Mountains (30 km)2:13:34
8714-12-1982VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy E Division (10 km)40:10
8801-01-1983VMC Midnite Run 4x Two Bridges (8 km)31:32
8916-01-1983VMC Princes Park (13 km)51:02
9012-12-1983VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy F Division (10000m)39:29
9101-01-1984VMC Runners World Midnite Run (8 km)46:55
9219-02-1984VMCRR Fun Run (19 km)1:25:14
9308-07-1984VMC Road Runners (20 km)1:31:30
9402-09-1984VMC Puma Beach Road Bash (32 km)2:33:54
9521-04-1985VMC Road Runners Championship (25 km)1:46:15
9601-01-1986Runners World Midnight 5 (8 km)34:06
9719-01-1986VMCRR Fun Run (13 km)53:07
9802-02-1986Cubitt Classic (10 Miles)1:05:19
9920-04-1986VMCRR Championship (25 km)1:48:39
10017-12-1986VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy F Division (10000m)39:02
10101-01-1987VMCRR Runners World Midnite Run (8 km)32:14
10218-01-1987VMCRR Fun Run (13 km)52:20
10315-02-1987VMCRR Fun Run (19 km)1:18:22
10412-04-1987VMC Road Runners (15 km)1:02:21
10526-07-1987VMC 25km Open (25 km)1:42:21
10630-08-1987VMC Puma Coast Road Challenge (32.2 km)2:19:08
10725-11-1987VMC Two Bridges (2 km)12:18
10809-12-1987VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy F Division (10000m)41:33
10901-01-1988VMC Runners World Midnite Run (8 km)33:21
11017-01-1988VMCRR Fun Run (13 km)55:14
11120-03-1988VMC Fallen Comrades (12 km)48:22
11204-04-1988VMC Easter Championship (16 km)1:08:05
11317-09-1988VMC Queen Of The Mountain (15 km)1:09:11
11418-12-1988VMC David Ward Emil Zatopek Fun Run (10 km)41:40
11501-01-1989VMC Runners World Midnite Run (8 km)32:47
11622-01-1989VMC Fun Run (13 km)53:05
11705-02-1989VMC Fun Run (19 km)1:20:52
11827-03-1989VMC Easter Championship (16.1 km)1:07:21
11927-08-1989VMC Beach Road Challenge (32.2 km)2:22:20
12019-09-1989VMC King & Queen Of The Mount (30 km)2:17:58
12104-12-1989VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy F Division (10000m)40:30
12221-01-1990VMC Fun Run (13 km)52:51
12304-02-1990VMC Fun Run (19 km)1:21:20
12401-04-1990VMC Fun Run (5 km)18:54
12512-12-1991VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy E Division (10000m)42:34
12611-03-1992VMC Fallen Comrades (12 km)49:27
12707-06-1992VMC Birthday Fun Runs (12.3 km)52:45
12814-12-1992VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy F Division (10000m)43:07
12919-12-1993VMC Emil Zatopec Fun Run (10 km)46:24

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;