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100th Marathon:
Melbourne Marathon - 12 Oct 2014


118-10-1981Big M Melbourne Marathon3:09:45
217-10-1982Big M Melbourne Marathon3:06:53
309-10-1983Big M Melbourne Marathon3:07:43
403-10-1993Victorian People's Marathon3:56:38
513-10-2002Asics Melbourne Marathon3:48:21
612-10-2003Asics Melbourne Marathon3:38:04
711-01-2004Cadbury Glass & A Half Marathon3:40:01
818-04-2004New Balance Canberra Marathon3:08:03
904-07-2004Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:27:35
1011-07-2004Perth Marathon3:26:27
1115-08-2004Alice Springs Marathon3:21:53
1222-08-2004Smartplay Adelaide Marathon Festival Marathon3:17:18
1312-09-2004Blackmores Sydney Marathon3:13:32
1410-10-2004Asics Melbourne Marathon3:53:31
1506-01-2005Cadbury Glass & A Half Marathon3:27:19
1603-07-2005Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:19:34
1709-10-2005Asics Melbourne Marathon3:29:10
1830-10-2005Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:28:51
1909-04-2006Asics Canberra Marathon3:31:11
2027-05-2007Sri Chinmoy Running Festival Marathon3:45:40
2117-06-2007Traralgon Marathon3:23:15
2201-07-2007Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:20:31
2326-08-2007Shepparton Runners Club Marathon3:41:12
2407-10-2007Samsung Melbourne Marathon3:12:24
2506-01-2008Cadbury Glass & A Half Marathon3:16:09
2613-04-2008Asics Canberra Marathon3:18:22
2725-05-2008Sri Chinmoy Running Festival Marathon3:14:34
2806-07-2008Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:10:26
2920-07-2008Lawler Partners Winery Running Festival Marathon3:24:54
3012-10-2008Samsung Melbourne Marathon3:11:29
3102-11-2008ING New York City Marathon3:08:22
3219-04-2009Asics Canberra Marathon3:10:20
3302-05-2009Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon3:04:53
3431-05-2009Sri Chinmoy Running Festival Marathon3:13:08
3505-07-2009Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:09:19
3611-10-2009St George Melbourne Marathon3:10:34
3701-11-2009Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:22:13
3808-11-2009Westpac Marysville Marathon3:59:03
3910-01-2010Cadbury Marathon3:16:38
4002-05-2010National Capital Marathon3:16:25
4130-05-2010Sri Chinmoy Running Festival Marathon3:22:55
4206-06-2010Traralgon Marathon3:18:30
4304-07-2010Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:16:30
4418-07-2010Lawler Partners Winery Running Festival Marathon3:16:40
4525-07-2010Westlink M7 Cities Marathon3:15:47
4601-08-2010Brisbane Running Festival Marathon3:16:08
4715-08-2010Adelaide Marathon Festival Marathon3:12:55
4829-08-2010Shepparton Runners Club Marathon3:22:22
4919-09-2010Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon3:18:51
5010-10-2010St George Melbourne Marathon3:14:06
5131-10-2010Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:21:11
5207-11-2010Marysville Marathon Festival3:28:11
5309-01-2011Cadbury Marathon3:18:46
5410-04-2011Canberra Times Marathon3:16:19
5505-06-2011Traralgon Marathon3:37:48
5603-07-2011Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:32:45
5709-10-2011Bank Of Melbourne Marathon3:15:52
5811-11-2011ING New York City Marathon4:14:00
5908-01-2012Cadbury Marathon3:36:58
6015-04-2012Canberra Times Marathon3:22:39
6101-07-2012Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:16:46
6226-08-2012Shepparton Runners Club Marathon3:10:35
6314-10-2012Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:17:46
6404-11-2012Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:20:18
6511-11-2012RACV Marysville Marathon3:42:49
6613-01-2013Cadbury Marathon3:23:36
6714-04-2013Canberra Marathon3:18:51
6804-05-2013Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon3:12:00
6926-05-2013Jacob's Creek Barossa Marathon3:11:36
7002-06-2013Christchurch Airport Marathon3:13:43
7109-06-2013Macleay River Marathon3:14:26
7216-06-2013WIN Network Traralgon Marathon3:16:13
7328-06-2013Cairns 3-Marathons In 3 Days Day 14:49:56
7429-06-2013Cairns 3 Marathons In 3 Days Day 24:57:03
7530-06-2013Cairns 3 Marathons In 3 Days Day 34:49:56
7607-07-2013Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:21:20
7721-07-2013Coal & Allied Winery Marathon3:25:13
7828-07-2013Sri Chinmoy Princes Park Marathon3:22:49
7904-08-2013Fitness First Brisbane Marathon3:21:28
8011-08-2013The Tan Ultra Marathon3:22:21
8118-08-2013Sandy Point Marathon3:26:19
8225-08-2013Shepparton News Marathon3:18:13
8301-09-2013Ross Festival Marathon3:19:26
8422-09-2013Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon3:19:06
8505-10-2013TomTom Runner Western Sydney Marathon3:16:10
8606-10-2013Xcell Roofing Toowoomba Marathon3:32:25
8713-10-2013Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:15:56
8803-11-2013Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:18:58
8917-11-2013Marysville Marathon3:48:21
9012-01-2014Cadbury Marathon Festival3:29:20
9116-02-2014Dendy Park Running Festival Marathon3:14:21
9208-03-2014Mt Baw Baw Trail Marathon5:33:58
9313-04-2014Canberra Times Marathon3:23:05
9419-04-2014Big Forest Run Marathon4:15:25
9527-04-2014Brimbank Park Marathon3:25:14
9615-06-2014WIN Network Traralgon Marathon3:12:32
9728-06-2014Surf Coast Trail Marathon4:00:03
9806-07-2014Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:25:53
9931-08-2014Tan Ultra Marathon3:32:26
10012-10-2014Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:22:05
10102-11-2014Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:23:00
10209-11-2014Marysville Marathon4:37:52
10309-08-2015Tan Ultra Marathon4:21:20
10418-10-2015Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:25:03
10501-11-2015Port of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:31:29
10610-01-2016Cadbury Marathon3:29:52
10705-06-2016Traralgon Marathon3:39:00
10816-10-2016Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:33:42
10906-11-2016World Masters Athletics Marathon3:24:02
11004-06-2017Traralgon Marathon3:22:08
11115-10-2017Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:44:12
11205-11-2017Port Of Portland 3 Bays Marathon3:44:05
11314-01-2018Cadbury Marathon3:38:17
11425-02-2018Wangaratta Marathon3:26:29
11522-04-2018Mandalay Resources O'Keefe Marathon3:25:24
11613-07-2018Cairns 3-Marathons-In-3-Days #14:58:16
11714-07-2018Cairns 3-Marathons-In-3-Days #25:16:53
11815-07-2018Cairns 3-Marathons-In-3-Days #34:17:09
11914-10-2018Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:56:41
12024-02-2019Wangaratta Marathon3:36:08
12128-04-2019The O'Keefe Challenge Marathon3:25:20
12202-06-2019Traralgon Harriers Marathon3:35:10
12313-10-2019Medibank Melbourne Marathon3:40:02
12403-11-2019Port of Portland 3-Bays Marathon3:58:50
12524-11-2019Run For The Young Marathon3:53:03


110-04-2005Canberra Ultra Marathon(50 km)4:22:24
215-05-2005Great Ocean Road Marathon(45 km)3:41:24
321-05-2006Great Ocean Road Marathon(45 km)4:09:19
420-05-2007Great Ocean Road Marathon(45 km)3:49:28
527-01-2008Mansfield to Mt Buller(50 km)5:07:28
618-05-2008Great Ocean Road Marathon(45 km)3:30:51
715-06-2008Comrades Marathon (Up)(87.3 km)8:47:13
825-01-2009Mansfield to Mt Buller(50 km)5:07:51
917-05-2009Great Ocean Road Marathon(45 km)3:20:29
1016-05-2010Great Ocean Road Marathon(45 km)3:28:48
1114-05-2011Great Ocean Road Marathon(45 km)3:45:27
1229-05-2011Comrades Marathon (Up)(87.3 km)9:19:32
1320-05-2012Great Ocean Road Marathon(45 km)3:28:42
1418-05-2013Great Ocean Road Marathon(45 km)3:25:30
1517-05-2014Great Ocean Road Marathon(45 km)3:24:02
1616-05-2015Great Ocean Road Marathon(44 km)4:14:40
1720-05-2018Great Ocean Road Running Festival(44 km)3:49:26
1802-11-2019Port of Portland 3-Bays Ultra Marathon(60 km)7:33:37

Half Marathons

109-06-1985VMCRR - Richmond Harriers Laser Half Marathon1:30:16
208-06-1986VMC National Mutual Half Marathon1:31:12
307-06-1987VMC David Ward Insurances Half Marathon1:31:18
412-06-1988David Ward Financial Services Half Marathon1:27:52
517-06-1990VMC David Ward Half Marathon1:33:50

Other Events

105-02-1984VMCRR - Richmond Harriers Burnley Boulevarde Dash (16 km)1:04:52
208-02-1984VMCRR Two Bridges Fun Run (10 km)39:19
308-04-1985VMC Road Runners Championship (16 km)1:10:00
421-04-1985VMC Road Runners Championship (25 km)1:51:45
501-09-1985VMC Beach Road Bash (32.2 km)2:31:59
615-12-1985VMCRR Emil Zatopec Fun Run (10 km)42:03
702-02-1986Cubitt Classic (10 Miles)1:09:48
816-02-1986VMCRR Fun Run (19 km)1:25:40
916-03-1986VMCRR Fallen Comrades (12 km)50:30
1031-03-1986VMCRR Easter Championship (16 km)1:09:03
1120-04-1986VMCRR Championship (25 km)1:47:56
1226-10-1986VMC Puma Daylight Saving 10 (10 Miles)1:07:52
1305-11-1986VMCRR Two Bridges (6 km)24:08
1417-12-1986VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy F Division (10000m)40:17
1501-01-1987VMCRR Runners World Midnite Run (8 km)33:19
1615-02-1987VMCRR Fun Run (19 km)1:27:14
1720-04-1987VMCRR Easter Championship (16 km)1:07:51
1820-04-1987VMCRR Parent & Child Fun Run (3.1 km)14:05
1924-05-1987VMC 10km (10 km)42:18
2004-07-1987VMC 20km Championship (20 km)1:24:15
2126-07-1987VMC 25km Open (25 km)1:47:12
2225-10-1987VMC Puma Daylight Saving 10 (10 Miles)1:09:33
2309-12-1987VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy F Division (10000m)40:30
2401-01-1988VMC Runners World Midnite Run (8 km)36:03
2507-02-1988VMCRR Fun Run (19 km)1:25:39
2604-04-1988VMC Easter Championship (16 km)1:09:15
2728-08-1988VMC Coast Road Challenge (32.2 km)2:31:56
2812-12-1988VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy F Division (10000m)40:26
2905-02-1989VMC Fun Run (19 km)1:25:21
3016-04-1990VMC Parent & Child Easter Run (3.1 km)13:09
3110-06-1990VMC Runners World Birthday Run (12 km)52:57
3201-04-1991VMC Easter Family Runs (3.1 km)12:36
3325-04-1991VMC Fun Run (5 km)19:33
3408-12-1991VMC Emil Zatopek Trophy F Division (10000m)43:52
3520-04-1992Latrobe University 10 Miler (10 Miles)1:10:27
3625-04-1992VMC ANZAC Day Run (10 km)44:36
3719-12-1993VMC Emil Zatopec Fun Run (10 km)46:11

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;