Mick Francis

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100th Marathon:
Rottnest Marathon - 26 Oct 2014


125-04-1979Inter-Services Marathon3:06:54
223-08-1980British American Marathon3:06:01
329-04-1981Inter-Services Marathon2:52:55
424-05-1981Finlandia Marathon3:05:00
512-07-1981Thurso Marathon2:53:47
623-08-1981Pony British Marathon2:55:09
727-09-1981Aberdeen Milk Marathon2:41:23
828-04-1982Inter-Services Marathon2:56:00
926-06-1982Loch Rannoch Marathon3:08:27
1015-08-1982Moray Marathon2:57:00
1119-09-1982City Of Aberdeen Milk Marathon2:46:10
1223-10-1982Black Isle Marathon2:40:34
1317-04-1983London Marathon2:46:27
1426-06-1983Loch Rannoch Marathon2:45:21
1517-07-1983Thurso Marathon2:50:00
1614-08-1983Moray Marathon2:57:00
1718-09-1983City Of Aberdeen Milk Marathon2:51:00
1806-05-1984Southhampton Marathon2:35:51
1912-08-1984Moray Marathon2:41:53
2011-08-1985Moray Marathon2:43:17
2122-09-1985Scot's Porage Glasgow Marathon2:37:26
2202-11-1985Black Isle Marathon2:37:10
2327-04-1986City Of Dundee People's Health Marathon2:33:12
2403-05-1986East Ross Marathon2:33:41
2510-08-1986Moray Marathon2:44:43
2624-08-1986Reykjavik Marathon2:36:08
2701-11-1986Black Isle Marathon2:33:41
2826-04-1987City Of Dundee People's Health Marathon2:44:22
2924-05-1987City Of Aberdeen Milk Marathon2:38:27
3009-08-1987Moray Marathon2:39:27
3117-04-1988Mars London Marathon2:50:26
3224-04-1988Lochaber Marathon2:46:25
3322-05-1988City Of Aberdeen Milk Marathon2:37:57
3407-08-1988Moray Marathon2:40:35
3507-10-1988Inter-Services Marathon2:42:50
3629-10-1988Black Isle Marathon2:37:01
3723-04-1989Lochaber Marathon2:43:53
3806-08-1989Moray Marathon2:47:41
3910-09-1989New Forest Marathon2:47:22
4005-11-1989Marine Corps Marathon2:41:xx
4122-04-1990Lochaber Marathon2:43:xx
4227-05-1990City Of Aberdeen Milk Marathon2:41:35
4305-08-1990Moray Marathon2:35:21
4412-10-1990Inter-Services Marathon2:41:45
4521-04-1991Lochaber Marathon2:43:26
4604-08-1991Moray Marathon2:50:29
4711-10-1991Inter-Services Marathon2:41:58
4802-11-1991Black Isle Marathon2:50:03
4926-04-1992Lochaber Marathon2:41:52
5002-08-1992Moray Marathon2:43:40
5131-10-1992Black Isle Marathon2:47:24
5218-04-1993Nutrasweet London Marathon2:41:43
5330-10-1993Black Isle Marathon2:42:50
5424-04-1994Lochaber Marathon2:40:34
5502-04-1995Nutrasweet London Marathon2:42:17
5623-04-1995Lochaber Marathon2:43:12
5723-07-1995Nike Perth Marathon2:42:04
5810-09-1995New Forest Marathon2:53:13
5905-05-1996Medibank Private Bunbury Marathon2:40:37
6027-07-1997Perth Marathon2:42:04
6117-05-1998Bunbury Marathon2:51:11
6204-07-1999Perth Marathon2:41:03
6330-04-2000Host City Marathon2:50:17
6421-05-2000Bunbury Runners Club Marathon2:45:17
6516-07-2000Perth 2000 Marathon2:50:14
6613-08-2000Geraldton Marathon2:43:51
6715-10-2000Rottnest Marathon2:49:15
6820-05-2001Be Active Marathon2:57:30
6905-08-2001Geraldton Marathon2:52:38
7019-05-200221st Bunbury Marathon2:46:47
7107-07-2002Pichi Richi Marathon2:55:58
7214-07-2002Perth Marathon2:48:52
7304-08-2002Give Me Geraldton Anyday Marathon2:51:52
7418-05-2003Bunbury Marathon2:51:01
7506-07-2003Perth Marathon2:55:13
7626-10-2003Rottnest Marathon2:57:05
7709-05-2004Geraldton Marathon2:53:47
7816-05-200423rd Annual Bunbury Marathon2:50:29
7913-06-2004Edinburgh Marathon2:56:33
8020-06-2004Blackpool Marathon2:52:31
8111-07-2004Perth Marathon2:52:12
8203-07-2005Perth Marathon2:53:17
8323-10-200512th Rottnest Marathon2:57:57
8421-05-200625th Annual Bunbury Marathon2:57:58
8522-10-2006Brooks Rottnest Marathon3:00:53
8620-05-2007Bunbury Marathon2:53:11
8708-07-2007Perth Marathon2:55:26
8818-05-2008Bunbury Holden Marathon2:58:23
8906-07-20086PR Perth Marathon2:53:04
9030-08-2009City to Surf Marathon2:57:21
9104-10-2009Loch Ness Marathon3:15:22
9224-10-2010Brooks Rottnest Marathon3:07:55
9322-05-20113 Waters Marathon2:59:38
9419-06-2011Perth Marathon3:00:55
9523-10-2011Brooks Rottnest Marathon3:12:36
9604-12-2011Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon3:16:07
9726-08-2012Chevron City to Surf Marathon3:02:23
9828-10-2012Brooks Rottnest Marathon3:04:23
9912-10-2014Busselton Spring Marathon3:15:38
10026-10-2014Brooks Rottnest Marathon3:16:00
10106-11-2016World Masters Athletics Marathon3:20:35
10218-06-2017Perth Marathon3:15:53


124-06-1989West Highland Way Race (95 Miles)17:08:51
218-11-1989Sri Chinmoy National 24 Hr Track Race (24 Hrs)226.989 km
303-02-19901st International 24 Hr Championships (24 Hrs)204.497 km
401-06-1990West Highland Way Race (95 Miles)18:50:24
527-10-1990Sri Chinmoy National 24 Hr Track Race (24 Hrs)232.838 km
628-09-1991Sri Chinmoy National 24 Hr Track Race (24 Hrs)250.461 km
720-06-1992West Highland Way Race (95 Miles)16:38:11
801-09-1992Dragon's Back Race (220 Miles)21:50:00
924-10-1992Sri Chinmoy National 24 Hr Track Race (24 Hrs)66.000 km
1001-05-19932nd IAU 24 Hr European Championship (24 Hrs)244.743 km
1107-08-1993IAU 100km World Championship (100 km)7:56:20
1226-09-1993Scottish 100km Championship (100 km)8:06:11
1306-03-19948th Barry 40 Mile Track Race (40 Miles)4:36:13
1421-05-19943rd IAU 24 Hr European Championship (24 Hrs)210.735 km
1501-08-1994100km Championship (100 km)
1622-10-1994Sri Chinmoy National 24 Hr Track Race (24 Hrs)172.000 km
1704-03-1995Bunbury Runners Club 12 Hour Ultra Marathon (12 Hrs)134.100 km
1821-05-1995100 Km Nottingham (GBR) (100 km)8:04:56
1914-04-1996Canberra Ultra Marathon (50 km)3:15:52
2015-09-1996Australian 100km Road Championship (100 km)7:52:56
2113-04-1997Canberra Ultra Marathon (50 km)3:12:46
2213-09-1997IAU 100km World Championship (100 km)7:59:21
2307-03-1998Bunbury 6 Hr Challenge (6 Hrs)
2423-10-1999Sri Chinmoy National 24 Hr Track Race (24 Hrs)224.521 km
2506-01-2001Trans Australia Foot Race (4274.5 km)376:08:38
2613-04-2002Coburg Harriers 24 Hr Carnival (24 Hrs)216.298 km
2719-05-2002Bunbury ()
2819-10-2002Sri Chinmoy AURA National 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)74.000 km
2916-06-2003Comrades Marathon (Down) (86.6 km)7:32:54
3003-10-2003Sri Chinmoy AURA National 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)211.459 km
3122-08-2004WAMC 100km Race (100 km)8:31:51
3216-10-2004Sri Chinmoy AURA National 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)221.323 km
3324-04-2005John Forrest 40 Miler (40 Miles)4:45:35
3425-02-2006IAU 24 Hr World Championship (24 Hrs)210.213 km
3516-04-2006John Forrest 40 Miler (40 Miles)4:50:44
3630-09-2006Sri Chinmoy AURA National 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)227.928 km
3720-05-2007Bunbury Ultra Marathon (50 km)3:35:10
3810-06-2007Gold Coast 100 Super Marathon (Australian 100km Championship) (100 km)8:55:42
3928-07-2007IAU 24 Hr World Championship (24 Hrs)216.800 km
4029-09-2007Sri Chinmoy AURA National 24 Hr Track Championship (24 Hrs)226.241 km
4119-04-2008Coburg Harriers 24 Hr Carnival (24 Hrs)231.260 km
4230-08-2008Caboolture 6-12-24-48 Hr Race (24 Hrs)213.298 km
4318-10-2008IAU 24 Hr World Championship (24 Hrs)231.648 km
4415-03-2009Coburg Harriers 100km Track Race (100 km)8:37:53
4502-05-2009IAU 24 Hr World Championship & European Championship (24 Hrs)113.394 km
4617-09-2009Commonwealth 24 Hr Championship (24 Hrs)165.229 km
4719-06-2010Sri Chinmoy 24 Hr Track Race (24 Hrs)70.800 km
4816-01-2011Launceston 6 & 12 Hr Track Race (12 Hrs)125.680 km
4907-03-2011Cannington 6 Hour Track Race (6 Hrs)70.638 km
5016-04-2011Coburg Harriers 24 Hr Carnival (24 Hrs)66.000 km
5105-06-2011Kep Track Ultra (100 km)9:11:02
5214-07-2012Adelaide 6-12-24 Hrs (24 Hrs)71.500 km
5302-06-2013Kep Track Ultra (75 km)6:39:09
5401-03-2014Lark Hill Dusk To Dawn Ultra (50 km)4:26:23
5523-01-2016Australia Day Ultra (100 km)9:56:27
5612-08-2017WA Track Ultra (24 Hrs)54.000 km
5727-04-2019Light Horse Ultra (12 Hrs)113.49 km
5809-06-2019Gold Coast 100 (100 km)9:23:54

Please advise any errors or omissions to [email protected]

Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;