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101-01-1992Benoni Harriers Marathon3:55:00
201-01-1992Lucozade Marathon3:59:07
326-01-1992Johnson Crane Marathon3:57:32
416-02-1992Pick n Pay Marathon3:55:59
501-10-1992JHB Marathon3:50:05
601-01-1993Benoni Harriers Marathon3:52:25
730-01-1993Johnson Crane Marathon3:47:06
821-02-1993Pick n Pay Marathon3:53:06
901-05-1993Wally Hayward Marathon3:55:45
1024-10-1993Johannesburg Marathon3:48:37
1101-01-1994Benoni Harriers Marathon3:45:40
1230-01-1994Johnson Crane Marathon3:51:53
1320-02-1994Pick n Pay Marathon3:47:45
1406-03-1994Cape Gate Vaal Marathon3:47:45
1504-12-1994Soweto Marathon3:57:30
1619-02-1995Pick n Pay Marathon3:55:45
1728-01-1996Johnson Crane Marathon3:45:10
1818-02-1996Pick n Pay Marathon3:47:43
1902-03-1996Pretoria Marathon3:46:40
2014-04-1996Jackie Gibson Marathon3:58:00
2121-04-1996Slow Mag Marathon3:54:32
2201-05-1996Wally Hayward Marathon3:56:45
2301-01-1997Spectrum Athletic Club Marathon4:00:30
2426-01-1997Johnson Crane Marathon4:03:30
2516-02-1997Pick n Pay Marathon4:06:45
2602-03-1997Cape Gate Vaal Marathon3:57:55
2713-04-1997Jackie Gibson Marathon3:48:50
2820-04-1997Slow Mag Marathon3:55:35
2901-01-1998Krugersdorp Athletic Club Marathon4:23:20
3001-01-1998Spectrum Athletic Club Marathon4:13:33
3115-02-1998Pick n Pay Marathon4:06:34
3201-03-1998Cape Gate Vaal Marathon4:14:34
3312-04-1998Johannesburg Marathon4:10:10
3401-05-1998Wally Hayward Marathon4:02:35
3521-02-1999Pick n Pay Marathon3:55:00
3607-03-1999Cape Gate Vaal Marathon4:01:12
3711-04-1999Jackie Gibson Marathon4:03:23
3811-07-1999JAL Gold Coast Marathon (Inc. Australian Championship)4:04:06
3907-11-1999Soweto Marathon3:56:35
4020-02-2000Pick n Pay Marathon3:57:00
4104-03-2000Pretoria Marathon3:53:43
4228-10-2001Flora Sydney Marathon4:00:39
4314-04-2002New Balance Canberra Marathon3:50:35
4415-09-2002Flora Sydney Marathon3:57:28
4514-09-2003Flora Sydney Marathon4:08:28
4618-04-2004New Balance Canberra Marathon3:44:25
4704-07-2004Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:59:52
4812-09-2004Blackmores Sydney Marathon3:59:24
4916-10-2004Fitzroy Falls Fire Trail Marathon4:26:43
5010-04-2005Asics Canberra Marathon3:57:06
5103-07-2005Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:52:24
5211-09-2005Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon3:56:15
5330-10-2005Adidas Auckland Marathon3:55:47
5409-04-2006Asics Canberra Marathon3:35:58
5517-09-2006Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:06:34
5615-04-2007Asics Canberra Marathon3:35:50
5701-07-2007Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:57:56
5813-04-2008Asics Canberra Marathon3:49:46
5921-09-2008Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:05:03
6004-01-2009Cadbury Glass & A Half Marathon4:02:33
6120-09-2009Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:20:58
6202-05-2010National Capital Marathon4:11:03
6319-09-2010Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:06:57
6410-04-2011Canberra Times Marathon4:27:26
6515-04-2012Canberra Times Marathon4:13:20
6616-09-2012Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:36:35
6714-04-2013Canberra Marathon4:09:24
6822-09-2013Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:41:52
6913-10-2013Medibank Melbourne Marathon4:12:07
7021-09-2014Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:19:18
7112-04-2015Canberra Marathon4:29:21
7220-09-2015Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:15:25
7310-04-2016Canberra Times Marathon4:25:53
7418-09-2016Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:14:37
7515-04-2018Australian Running Festival Marathon4:15:13
7616-09-2018Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:48:33
7714-04-2019Australian Running Festival Canberra Marathon5:12:09
7815-09-2019Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:58:16


115-03-1992Pieter Korkie Marathon(56 km)5:14:27
230-05-1992Comrades Marathon (Up)(87.4 km)9:30:29
301-08-1992City To City Marathon(50 km)4:36:19
414-03-1993Pieter Korkie Marathon(56 km)5:17:00
531-05-1993Comrades Marathon (Down)(89.9 km)9:27:04
610-03-1996Pieter Korkie Marathon(50 km)5:13:15
706-04-199627th Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon(56 km)5:22:46
817-06-1996Comrades Marathon (Up)(86.7 km)9:31:35
901-03-1997Pieter Korkie Marathon(50 km)5:16:30
1019-04-1997Jackie Mekler 50km(50 km)4:44:12
1116-06-1997Comrades Marathon (Down)(89.9 km)10:07:51
1201-08-1997City To City Marathon(50 km)4:38:40
1301-03-1998Pieter Korkie Marathon(50 km)5:26:40
1421-03-1998Om Die Dam(50 km)4:40:00
1511-04-199829th Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon(56 km)5:24:23
1618-04-1998Jackie Mekler 50km(50 km)4:35:45
1716-06-1998Comrades Marathon (Up)(86.6 km)9:39:02
1820-03-1999Om Die Dam(50 km)4:45:00
1903-04-199930th Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon(56 km)5:22:10
2004-04-1999Pieter Korkie Marathon(50 km)5:18:00
2117-04-1999Loskop 50km(56 km)4:41:00
2216-06-1999Comrades Marathon (Down)(89.9 km)9:37:09
2329-08-1999City To City Marathon(50 km)5:07:10
2418-03-2000Om Die Dam(50 km)4:47:00
2508-04-2000Loskop 50km(56 km)5:07:30
2616-06-2000Comrades Marathon (Up)(87.6 km)9:59:49
2713-03-2004Six Foot Track Marathon(45 km)6:33:54
2812-03-2005Six Foot Track Marathon(45 km)6:03:33
2916-06-2006Comrades Marathon (Up)(87.5 km )10:09:49
3015-06-2008Comrades Marathon (Up)(87.3 km)10:52:36
3119-04-2009Canberra Ultra Marathon(50 km)4:57:00
3224-05-2009Comrades Marathon (Down)(89.3 km)10:51:53
3313-03-2010Six Foot Track Marathon(45 km)6:16:03
3409-03-2013Six Foot Track Marathon(45 km)6:32:33
3518-05-2013Great Ocean Road Marathon(45 km)4:41:00
3608-03-2014Six Foot Track Marathon(45 km)6:33:23
3713-04-2014Canberra Ultra Marathon(50 km)5:10:09
3816-06-2014Comrades Marathon (Down)(89.28 km)11:37:31
3914-03-2015Six Foot Track Marathon(45 km)6:43:10

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;