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2019 Gold Coast 100 Finish
2019 Gold Coast 100 Finish

Database Statistics


Australian Members58866 
International Members12719 


Race TypeCount 
Ultra Marathon1,753 
Half Marathon1,204 


Race TypeCount 
Ultra Marathon3,169 
Half Marathon1,766 


Excludes DNF, Splits & Non-Counted items.

Kelvin Marshall200381701680140959
Corrie Davel24053662850103747
Bob Fickel2777115340179684
Brian Glover2267837160083584
Michael Gentle52171230433580
Timo Marjomäki497350000532
Rick Patzold29674120025452
Stephen Lewis15681018800425
Peter Gray2211920003416
Jane Trumper336661001404
Ching-Te (Dale) Huang39390000402
Trent Morrow3611550011392
Verity Breen7221636413157390
Grahame Kerruish312653014385
Chris Stephenson1485421046115384
Paul Sutherland25543253014367
Karin Tappouras2251218731619363
Gerry Riley146305600129361
Jane Sturzaker2941646041361
Ray James328177002354
Dave Styles307450001353
Cathie Johnson340120000352
Troy Johnson339111000351
Steve Mifsud11281800049349
Cheryl Symons2329280113346
Grant Wholey7230523314345
Julia Thorn2187233000323
Andrew Kotulski278630032319
Malcolm Gray31800000318
Keren Tindley32613235323312
Roger Black94404265067308
Jim Manford28774000298
Ingrid Frost29501000296
Chris Glacken2216426024281
Graeme Tindall27611000278
Timothy Horton65135481063276
Glenn Lockwood1347758000269
David Billett96544116057264
Jim Crawford1303000125258
Kevin Heaton5574298657256
Hayden Marshall26112176130246
Bill Arthur68331104038244
Mark Goodwin905581087241
Bruce Hargreaves1474714402241
Charlotte Nasey23710000238
John Zeleznikow191220039234
Colin Brooks11733700012232
Peter Mahoney20970007223
Steve Tubbs22000000220
Peter Logan1192000080219
Frank Dearn1532100176215
Peter Trumper189130000202
Mick Francis1027851106202
Tai-Hua Lo19830000201
Chris Leahy20000000200
Jarrod Mast261611113032198
Michihito Muroi19410001196
Chris Gamble12322330016194
Lester Smith19011000192
Oliver Carey164119005189
Darren Linney29215115018188
Steel Beveridge118660002186
Peter Black1251850037185
Colin Silcock-Delaney90330087183
David Cannings18110001183
Peter McKenzie122590000181
Kiri Price17800002180
Mike Leahy17702000179
Sarah-Jane Marshall11336100016175
Doug Kewley10925150024173
Brad Boyle6246742014171
Jon Pendse6219305900170
Stan Miskin103561005165
Leonor Lawler251327152459163
Zed Zlotnick1152850013161
Stephen Dunn136220001159
Roger Weinstein1041110039155
Steven Garamy6111721352155
Paul Crouch-Chivers14570000152
Diana Marshall1405121011151
Dawn Parks115377117150
Jeff Buxton114652004149
Peter Bryar134020010146
Symon Grindlay21131284015145
Michael Ellingsen1121011407144
Victor Correa42162025036139
Ken Matchett113191005138
Roger Grattan1010610018135
Graham Wye84431401133
Karen Woon Cheung Chan594640023132
Peter Nelson74510052132
Dennis Cunniffe115150001131
Rebecca Edgecombe12730000130
Dusan Hora117100001128
Rachel Armstrong96232007128
Gary Pattrick105810002125
Brian Gawne792370014123
Magda Karamali-Poulos3831031039121
David Elliott108020011121
Fiona Haddy246869013120
Bernie Brennan11700001118
Arnold Cohen78390000117
Hilton Kahlberg782410005117
Bonnie Davies170461031113
Jarrod Gibson220867013110
Eddy Angkawibawa10090000109
Belinda Lockwood542035000109
Kevin Barry10720000109
Jim Barnes10500000105
Thomas Luxton549601123103
Martin Thompson721200017101
Chin Huat Ngeyu10100000101
Mark Hudspeth7481103096
Warwick Bible182183202595
John Maccarone8120001194
Gavin Ma873100293
Ann Owen51241200592
George Sodbinow7121001589
Tristan Miller7511000086
Duc Do231822130985
Steve Doughty830000083
Greg Finlay31915002883
Robyn Fletcher754000180
Brett Sammut226151431777
Anne Marjomäki679000076
Victor Ziegler664000171
Josie Ryan8110004968
Kevin Matthews4521000066
Michael Willison470900965
Frank Byrne600000262
Rob Robinson580000058
Ric Leahy2443210355
Jonathon Phillips3218000050
David Haliczer1643240249
Ron Gribble430000144
Scott Martin2621000341
Bradley Crofts1905001640
Chetsada Premanan1154301639
Richard Bain1900011939
Ben Stammer1300230238
Danielle McLaren361000037
Simon Roberts1027000037
Leigh Philpott5111130636
Jacqueline Kellerman1091400033
Kathryn Little707011530
Paul Dare164200426
Don Griffin260000026
Chandra Gurung141640025
Matthew Beech190400023
Callum Ryan80401720
Aaron Royall112300218
Shayne Egan90070117
Roberto Marin160000016
Nigel Barker80401215
Simon Lewis102000012
James Conn60010310
Clare Conn2024008
Gary Liney2020026
Jared Ziegler2000002
Cameron Parkin1010002
Anton Reiter1000001
Eduard Ernst1000001
Diego Castro Fendel1000001
Michael McGrath1000001
Montse Periera Regueira1000001
Ruben Bergsma1000001
Jeff Cosatto1000001
Michael Lough1000001
John Peter1000001
Kristy Lovegrove1000001
Colin Wiley1000001
Alia Karaman1000001
Roger Hanney1000001
Matt North1000001
Runner Removed0000000
Manny Kalamistrakis0000000
Budiaman Tang0000000

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Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;