Junee to Wagga Marathon

Event Locations:
Junee, New South Wales
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

Races in Series

Sponsor Name Date Runners Category Distance Comment
Wagga Wagga Trail Run Marathon18/08/201950Marathon42.195 km
Wagga Wagga Trail Run Marathon19/08/201856Marathon42.195 km
Wagga Wagga Trail Run Marathon20/08/201752Marathon42.195 km
Wagga Wagga Trail Run Marathon21/08/201682Marathon42.195 km
Wagga Wagga Trail Run Marathon16/08/201562Marathon42.195 km
Wagga Wagga Trail Run Marathon17/08/201464Marathon42.195 km
Wagga Wagga Trail Run Marathon18/08/201370Marathon42.195 km
Wagga Wagga Trail Run Marathon19/08/201253Marathon42.195 km
Wagga Wagga Trail Run18/08/20120Other5 km
Wagga Wagga Trail Run Marathon21/08/201147Marathon42.195 km
Wagga Wagga Trail Run Marathon15/08/201042Marathon42.195 km
Wagga Wagga Trail Run Marathon16/08/200936Marathon42.195 km
Wagga Wagga Trail Run Marathon17/08/200849Marathon42.195 km
Lake Albert Marathon19/08/20074Marathon42.195 km
Riverina Marathon20/08/200632Marathon42.195 km
Riverina Marathon21/08/200531Marathon42.195 km
Riverina Marathon15/08/200435Marathon42.195 km
Junee to Wagga Marathon17/08/200334Marathon42.195 km
Junee to Wagga Marathon18/08/200235Marathon42.195 km
Junee to Wagga Marathon19/08/200131Marathon42.195 km
Junee to Wagga Marathon20/08/200025Marathon42.195 km
Junee to Wagga Marathon22/08/199928Marathon42.195 km
Junee to Wagga Marathon16/08/199829Marathon42.195 km
Junee to Wagga Marathon17/08/199735Marathon42.195 km
Junee to Wagga Marathon18/08/19960Marathon42.195 km
Olympic Way Marathon20/08/199520Marathon42.195 km
Olympic Way Marathon21/08/199440Marathon42.195 km
Olympic Way Marathon18/08/19910Marathon42.195 km
Olympic Way Marathon21/08/198831Marathon42.195 km
Olympic Way Marathon23/08/198751Marathon42.195 km
Olympic Way Marathon19/08/198433Marathon42.195 km
Olympic Way Marathon22/08/198240Marathon42.195 km
Olympic Way Marathon23/08/198166Marathon42.195 km